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SubjectRe: [PATCH] (0/4) Entropy accounting fixes

> > What entropy can be measured from disk timings are very often leaked
> > by immediately relaying data to web, shell, or X clients. Further,
> > patterns of drive head movement can be remotely controlled by clients
> > talking to file and web servers. Thus, while disk timing might be an
> > attractive source of entropy, it can't be used in a typical server
> > environment without great caution.
> This is something to be concerned about, to be sure. But generally a
> client won't have complete control of the drive head movement ---
> there are other clients involved --- and the adversary generally won't
> have complete knowledge of the block allocation of files, for example,
> so he/she would not be able to characterize the disk drive timings to
> the degree of accuracy required.

You seem assume that adversary is on remote system. That's not neccessarily
the case.

Imagine you wanting to generate gpg key while I have normal user account
on the machine. I can sample /proc/interrupts, measure disk speeds etc...
Perhaps we are alone on [otherwise idle] machine. You still don't want me
to guess your key.

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