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SubjectRe: cell-phone like keyboard driver anywhere?

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Holger Schurig wrote:
> But what if the computer is used for tn-5250 (ncurses), Konq/Embedded
> (Qt/Embedded) and Java (X11), just as the user pleases? In this case
> you need something general, and that usually means a kernel driver

The problem is that most cell phones, if they don't have a keyboard
themselves, only have 16 keys (0 through 9, *, #, cancel, menu, up/down).
My cellphonish pocket terminal got its own space-cadet derived keyboard,
works well. But I don't really thing you'll cope w/only 16 keys.

Otherwise proceed the ugly way it is. 0 through 9 have their usual
meaning, all the multicodes, menu is say return, C is esc, up/down - well,
ok, and * and # have any meaning. I see no better way.

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