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SubjectOT: Drive cages for high density IDE drives in rack cases.
*pulls hair out*

I'm looking for a source for those 3.5" to 5.25" adapters that let you put
three IDE 3.5" drives in a full height 5.25" space. Or even a 4-5 in 3.

It's virtually impossible to google for this or I'm using the wrong search
terms.(probably the latter :D)

3ware has an adapter, but it's 200 bucks apiece, and I'd need two. Hardly
seems worth the effort, when I can just spend the extra money for 4
Maxtor D540X 160gb drives instead of 6 D540X 120's.

I'd rather make my own, than pay 200 bucks for a bit of sheet metal and a
pair of fans.

It's an Antec 4U26ATX550EPS i'm looking at installing this in, it has 6
5.25" bays up front.(2 x 3 array)


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