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SubjectRe: Interrupt issue with 2.4.19 vs 2.4.18.
Hello Reid!

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 03:29:02PM -0400, Reid Sutherland wrote:
> I have a problem with the aic7xxx constantly retrying to initialize my
> LVD SCSI drives. I'm repeatedly getting a "Command already completed"
> message. It was mentioned to me that this might be an interrupt related
> problem (thank you Justin!).
> My board has a Intel 440GX chipset. From my understanding these are a
> bitch to deal with and are littered with bugs. I've also read that by
> enabling SMP or IO-APIC, it should solve this issue. Well, neither does
> it for me.
> Does anyone know what could have changed between .18 and .19 that would
> cause something like this to happen?

I had it the other way around: 2.4.18 worked only with "pci=noacpi",
2.4.19 works without the extra boot option. You might check for ACPI
related things and give the pci=... options a try.

(My 2.4.18 was actually 2.4.18+acpi+pciirq)

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