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Subject2.5 Problem Report status
Following is the latest status report.  There have been no significant 
updates to the list in the past couple of days. The status report, with
links to discussions can be found at:

The state of the IDE subsystem in 2.5 is in too much of a flux for
tracking problems to be fruitful. I probably
won't add any new ones until feature freeze unless specifically
Floppy support is currently broken in 2.5. Higher priority items are
delaying work on a fix.

2.5 Kernel Problem Reports as of 16 Aug
Problem Title Status Discussion
RAID 0 BIO problem open 2.5.30
schedule() with irqs disabled! open 2.5.30
bonding driver failure in 2.5 closed 2.5.30
serial oops closed 2.5.30
NUMA-Q minimal workaround updates closed 2.5.30
PnP BIOS problem closed 2.5.30
New connections stall closed 2.5.30
JFS oops closed 2.5.30
serial core on embedded PPC closed 2.5.30
handle_scancode oops closed 2.5.30
spinlock deadlock closed 2.5.30
smp cpu problem closed 2.5.30
LTP process_stress causes oops open 2.5.30
elv_queue_empty oops open 2.5.30
Page Writeback oops open 2.5.30
slab BUG open 2.5.30
pmd_page problem open 2.5.30
vga console problem open 2.5.30
P200MMX boot problem open 2.5.30
io apic problem open 2.5.30
dcache oops open 2.5.30
vm86 oops open 2.5.30
modules don't work open 12 Aug 2002
unmount oops open 12 Aug 2002
usb problem open 11 Aug 2002
modules don't work open 13 Aug 2002
pte.chain BUG open 13 Aug 2002
scancode oops open 12 Aug 2002
cciss broken proposed fix 14 Aug 2002
qlogicisp oops open 14 Aug 2002
kmap_atomic oops open 15 Aug 2002

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