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Subject[PATCH] (1/4) discontigmem support for i386 against 2.4.20pre3

This patch restructures setup_arch() for i386 to make it easier to
include the i386 numa changes (for CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM) I've been
working on. It also makes setup_arch() easier to read. A version of
this patch is the in 2.4 aa tree.

The main things that the patch does is moves the code in setup_arch()
that figures out the max_pfn, max_low_pfn, and setups up and uses the
bootmem into a separate function (setup_memory()) so that I can
redefine the function to make use of the _node() routines
(i.e. init_bootmem_node()) and call any other numa specific
functions. I also moved the functionality to find the max_low_pfn and
max_pfn into separate functions (find_max_low_pfn() and
find_max_pfn()) so I could just reuse that code.

This patch does not depend on the other patches I'm submitting today,
but my discontigmem patch does depend on this one.

I've tested this patch on the following configurations: UP, SMP, SMP
PAE, multiquad, multiquad PAE.

Any and all feedback regarding this patch is greatly appreciated.


Patricia Gaughen (
IBM Linux Technology Center

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