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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac3


The following compile error is still present in 2.4.20-pre2-ac3:

<-- snip -->

ld -m elf_i386 -r -o char.o mem.o tty_io.o n_tty.o tty_ioctl.o raw.o
pty.o misc.o random.o vt.o vc_screen.o consolemap.o consolemap_deftbl.o
console.o selection.o serial.o keyboard.o speakup/speakupmap.o pc_keyb.o
sysrq.o rocket.o mxser.o moxa.o epca.o cyclades.o stallion.o istallion.o
ip2.o ip2main.o riscom8.o esp.o synclink.o synclinkmp.o n_hdlc.o
specialix.o sx.o generic_serial.o rio/rio.o atixlmouse.o logibusmouse.o
lp.o joystick/js.o busmouse.o dtlk.o n_r3964.o applicom.o sonypi.o
msbusmouse.o qpmouse.o pc110pad.o mk712.o rtc.o nvram.o toshiba.o i8k.o
i810_rng.o amd768_rng.o amd76x_pm.o tpqic02.o ftape/ftape.o speakup/spk.o
ppdev.o pcwd.o acquirewdt.o advantechwdt.o ib700wdt.o mixcomwd.o
sbc60xxwdt.o w83877f_wdt.o sc520_wdt.o wdt.o wdt_pci.o i810-tco.o
machzwd.o eurotechwdt.o alim7101_wdt.o alim1535d_wdt.o sc1200wdt.o
wafer5823wdt.o softdog.o amd7xx_tco.o mwave/mwave.o
speakup/spk.o(.data+0xad80): multiple definition of `ctrl_map'
speakup/speakupmap.o(.data+0x300): first defined here
speakup/spk.o(.data+0xac80): multiple definition of `altgr_map'
speakup/speakupmap.o(.data+0x200): first defined here
make[3]: *** [char.o] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory

<-- snip -->



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