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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Eliminate root_dev_names - part 2 of 2
Date said:
> nfs - not a block device, but registering a dummy gendisk probably
> won't hurt

That will be done in userspace anyway -- no need to worry about that in the
long term, I suspect.

I'd like to fix JFFS2 mounting too -- currently we _pretend_ to mount on a
block device, because that was just easiest. Then we check the major number
== MTD_BLOCK_MAJOR and use the minor as an index to find the actual MTD
device, and don't use the mtdblock driver at all.

In 2.5, we also allow mounting by MTD device number or name, but not as
a root filesystem because the actual text of the 'root=' argument is not
passed to the file system in that case.

T'would be nice if that could be fixed.


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