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SubjectRe: ptrace/select/signal errno weirdness
In article <>,
Brian Wellington <> wrote:
>When sending a SIGINT to a ptraced process (run under gdb), an interrupted
>select() call returns with errno==514. linux/include/linux/errno.h says:
>/* Should never be seen by user programs */
>#define ERESTARTSYS 512
>#define ERESTARTNOHAND 514 /* restart if no handler.. */
>#define ENOIOCTLCMD 515 /* No ioctl command */
>As gdb is a user program, and the printf is printing it, there's something

No, there's nothing wrong.

The process _itself_ never sees these magic error numbers, because they
are internal to the kernel, and the only time they are seen is by a
tracer that sees them - at the same time as the kernel backed up the
instruction pointer so that the traced process will not actually return
from the system call, it will re-do the system call.

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