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SubjectRe: [PATCH] add buddyinfo /proc entry
Patrick Mochel wrote:
> You're making things up and spreading FUD. Why would you want to do that?

Because IBM has a grand, secret plan to replace driverfs with
BigBlueFS. We have brainwashed Linus into taking it and we will rule
the world!

No, I'm just being selfish and I'm a bit uninformed. I understand it
better now because Greg explained why you want to do it. The thing
that did it for me was Linus's decree that vm tunables _will_ move to
driverfs. That changes the scenario from "Greg and Patrick are
bitching" to "Linus wants this" and thus it will be the wave of the
future. Maybe you guys need to make this a bit more clear.

> Oh right, it's because most "kernel developers" would rather bitch about
> that which they do not understand and cut down other developers than suck
> it up and actually try to learn something from someone else.

I'm trying to understand, that's why I asked so many questions. I am
mistaken about the machine not booting completely if it doesn't
understand a fs-type, Greg corrected me here.

A driverfs version of this patch is on the way.
Dave Hansen

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