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SubjectLinux 2.4.20-pre3

Here goes -pre3.

Summary of changes from v2.4.20-pre2 to v2.4.20-pre3

o fix raid on GPT partitions

o cdrom sane fallback vs 2.4.20-pre1

o IBM 4000R needs LARGELUN

o isofs multi volume compliance fix

o convert to yield() usage

Adrian Bunk <>:
o fix a typo in the description of CONFIG_BLK_STATS

Alan Cox <>:
o PCI enable handling
o fill in siginfo on alpha
o ARM cpufreq hooks
o update reiserfsprogs
o document an acpi bogon
o fix firestream gcc 3.1 warnings
o fix io accounting on cpqarray
o error check DAC960 copy*user
o whoops
o use proper macros in analog joystick
o use proper tsc macros in random driver
o add help button to sonypi driver, fix gcc 3.1 warnings
o flip the vt ifdef the sane way around
o fix the gcc warnings in cpqphp_nvram
o make the st usb compile again
o fix broken ifdef
o Update CPIA driver (this has been in ac for a bit)
o fix a gcc warning and a thinko
o [resend] revert broken atarilance change
o fix net/ formatting, 83820 typo
o fix eepro deeply broken code formatting (no other change)
o latest mpt fusion update from author
o update serverworks idents
o fix extern->static inline on sbus
o allow Zalon to be selected for HP
o add hp tachyons to cpqfc driver + fix warnings
o fix dpt_i2o warnings
o fix esp driver to static inline
o update scsi makefile for hp stuff
o make NCR53c9x use inline not extern inline
o update ncr asm assembler
o switch scsi.h to static inline
o fix incorrect read10 to read6 handling on error
o sgiserial to static inline
o usb to static inline
o kaweth new ident (silicom usb)
o ov511 driver updates
o update pwc to new map handing too
o update se401 the same way
o same again for stv
o update ohci driver to handle strange natsemi bits
o update usbvideo and vicam
o use static inline in clgenfb
o allow people to select befs
o make the dnotify cache consistent with other naming
o make the fasync_cache also named in accordance tonorms
o make file_lock cache also match default format
o fix a problem where fsync of an nfs dir gives wrong code
o small nls tidying
o update to new ldm partition code
o add sem_getcount to stop people poking in semaphore
o allow DMA0 on isapnp
o allow reporting of 3rd/4th codec
o ALi 5455 audio
o files_init - set file limit based on ram
o get the types right on lib/inflate.c constants
o add down_read_trylock/write_trylock
o add befs maintainer
o update hfs maintainer
o remove dead url
o format fix
o add parisc directories to build
o remainign minor atm bits
o fix gcc 3 warning
o make semaphores gcc 3.1 safe
o the wbinvd is safe anyway
o this fixes the remaining vm86/tf screwups
o add HIL to serio
o headers for SOM (HP) binary format
o missed earlier - header change for sonypi
o second item I found testing - misse scsi.h macro add
o first bits of ps2esdi cleanup
o fix depca warnings
o revert wrong change to isicom
o first pass xd.c clean up

Andi Kleen <>:
o pageattr for 2.4

Andrew Morton <>:
o copy_strings speedup
o fix lru_cache_add vs activate_page race

Bjorn Wesen <>:
o arch/cris update

Douglas Gilbert <>:
o lk2.4.19 sg driver header file synchronization
o scsi_debug driver update

Geert Uytterhoeven <>:
o m68k: PCI DMA updates
o m68k: add page_to_phys() <>:
o ServeRAID driver update

Jean Tourrilhes <>:
o ir240_usb_fix_greg.diff
o ir240_usb_disconnect-3.diff

Jens Axboe <>:
o elevator seek accounting fixes

Kai Germaschewski <>:
o Add support for ISDN card Eicon Diva 2.02
o Move PCI device id to include/linux/pci_ids.h
o Add support for ISDN card Formula-n enter:now, a.k.a. Gerdes Power ISDN
o Add in-kernel ISAPnP support to HiSax driven ISDN cards
o Doc changes / Cleanup for ISDN ISAPnP changes
o ISDN MPPP crash fix
o Update README.HiSax for the added card
o Update README.HiSax for the added card
o ISDN: LED support for netjet driver
o ISDN: Add Data Over Voice support
o ISDN: Cisco HDLC update
o ISDN: Fix DoV (Data over Voice)

Marc Boucher <>:
o yet another VAIO dmi_blacklist entry

Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@plucky.distro.conectiva>:
o Revert 2.4.19's AMD Athlon prefetch workaround
o Revert APIC error message silencing: APIC errors can be fatal
o Makefile

Martin Mares <>:
o pci.ids for 2.4.20-pre2

Neil Brown <>:
o resend - Enable NFS over TCP via config option

Stephen Rothwell <>:
o [2.4.20-pre1] File lease fixes

Steven Cole <>:
o 2.4.20-pre2 update Documentation/sysctl/vm.txt
o 2.4.20-pre2 remove 8 duplicate help texts from

Trond Myklebust <>:
o Fix NFS locking bug
o Teach RPC client to send pages rather than iovecs. [1/3]
o Teach RPC client to send pages rather than iovecs. [2/3]
o Teach RPC client to send pages rather than iovecs. [3/3]
o Fix typo in the RPC reconnect code
o Clean up RPC receive code [1/2]
o Clean up RPC receive code [2/2]
o fixup conflict between NFS kmap patches and 2.4.20-pre

Urban Widmark <>:
o smbfs poll

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