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SubjectRe: driverfs: [PATCH] remove bus and improve driver management (2.5.30)

> A bus is different than a driver, as drivers bind to the bus type. In a
> way, you can say a bus is nothing more than a "class", and class support
> _is_ coming soon. I think class support is what you are really looking
> for, as it will be able to show you the relationship between devices
> much better.

BTW, for the restless and curious, there is a BK tree available that has
preliminary class and interface support in it. I'm relatively satisfied
with the way things are starting to fall out in it, so if anyone wants to
start taking a look and give me some feedback, that'd be great.

Note that it's still very immature, and lacking documentation. But, for
people that are already playing with it, have at it:



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