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SubjectRe: Will NFSv4 be accepted?
>>>>> " " == Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> I personally doubt that NFS would be the thing driving
> this. Judging by past performance, NFS security issues don't
> seem to bother people. I'd personally assume that the thing
> that would be important enough to people for vendors to add it
> is VPN or encrypted (local) disks.

As I said: one of the main motivations for NFSv4 is WAN support, and
in those environments, strong authentication is a must.

That said, the plan is to also prepare a 'null' authentication scheme
for RPCSEC_GSS (basically using RPCSEC_GSS as a wrapper for AUTH_UNIX)
so that the strong auth can be provided as a simple plugin in case its
inclusion in the kernel would not be acceptable.

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