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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] New PC-Speaker driver
Denis Vlasenko wrote:

> It won't work well for everybody, then it won't live in mainline.
Bad reason. You can select IDE without the fixes for your
particular buggy IDE adapter and have it eat the disks. Still,
turning off RZ1000 and CMDxxx fixes is possible for those
that know they have a good adapter.

So, no need to reject the speaker driver for "crap sound".
It'll be usable with a good speaker, and the config help
text can simply state that it is a last-resort driver
which might work badly because it pushes the hardware.

> Because newcomers will enable it, be pissed off with crap sound etc...
> "Political" reasons I'm afraid...

The senseless cpu usage for something as simple as sound
is worse. Consider putting a old voice modem on a serial
port and connect a speaker to the phone output...

Helge Hafting
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