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SubjectRe: Will NFSv4 be accepted?

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Dax Kelson wrote:
> Q for Linus: What's the prospect of adding crypto to the kernel?

For a good enough excuse, and with a good enough argument that it's not
likely to be a big export problem, I don't think it's impossible any more.

However, the "good enough excuse" has to be better than "some technically
excellent, but not very widespread" thing.

Quite frankly, I personally suspect that crypto is one of those things
that will be added by vendor kernels first - if vendors are willing to
handle whatever export issues there are, that's good, and if they aren't,
then the standard kernel cannot really force it upon them anyway.

I personally doubt that NFS would be the thing driving this. Judging by
past performance, NFS security issues don't seem to bother people. I'd
personally assume that the thing that would be important enough to people
for vendors to add it is VPN or encrypted (local) disks.


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