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Subjectserial console (was Re: [patch] printk from userspace)
"Miquel van Smoorenburg" <> writes:

> I have a bootlogd that does a TIOCCONS on /dev/console, so
> that it can capture all messages written to /dev/console.
> It buffers the messages in-memory, until it is able to open
> a logfile in /var/log/ at which point it writes the buffered
> data to the logfile, and starts logging to that file.
> The only problem is that TIOCCONS is a redirect, so there's no
> output to the console anymore.
btw. is there any reason to not display initscripts messages
on all consoles in such setup:
append="console=tty0 console=ttyS0,57600n8"

kernel messages are available on both - tty0 and ttyS0 while
userspace messages (from initscripts) only on last specified
- in such case ttyS0.

> Mike.

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz IPv6 ready PLD Linux at
misiek(at) AM2-6BONE, 1024/3DB19BBD, arekm(at)ircnet, PWr
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