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SubjectLinux 2.4.20-pre2-ac3
 [+ indicates stuff that went to Marcelo, o stuff that has not,
* indicates stuff that is merged in mainstream now, X stuff that proved
bad and was dropped out, - indicates stuff not relevant to the main tree]

The HP merge is now down to 3503 lines pending

Ok this is the next chunk of IDE merges. There is still a lot of cleaning
up to be done. You'll see that various stuff is now tagged FIXME. Its all
so far long standing stuff or ugly code things that were in the old
code too. The goal is to make the IDE code both really clean and really
correct. Nevertheless this is a lot of IDE code shuffling. Handle with
care treat as test for the moment. This -ac patch isnt recommended on
your critical database server 8)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac3
o IDE updates (Andre Hedrick)
o Merge -ac fixes for ALi and PCI bars (me)
o Add docs to PIIX and ALi (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac2
o Updates to device mapper (Joe Thornber)
o Fix mempool corruption bug (Christoph Hellwig)
o Correct pci_alloc_consistent with 64bit mask (Steffen Persvold)
+ Elevator accounting improvements (Jens Axboe)
o Clean up vt.c ioperm ifdef even more (Milton Miller)
o Fix PAGE_BUG usage problem (Eyal Lebedinsky)
o Tweak isdn to try and fix gcc 2.95 compile (Kai Germaschewski)
o Make parameter variables on synclink* static (me)
o Add documentation to jbd layer (Roger Gammans)
- NFSD link fix (Greg Louis)
+ Fix NFS oops on 64bit big endian (Dave Miller)
+ Add another vaio to the dmi blacklist (Marc Boucher)
+ Fix devfs enabled build (Christoph Hellwig)
o Fix resource assignment for cardbus behind (H J Lu)
pci transparent bridges
o Fix makefile for speakup a bit (O Sezer)
+ Update ftd_sio driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
+ Update usb serial (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
+ Fix error handling on ipaq usb serial (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
+ Update pl2303 usb serial (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
+ Fix usb serial warnings in gcc3 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
+ Fix gcc3 warnings in ir-usb (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
+ Fix DMA off stack in USB storage (Roland Dreier)
+ Add SDDR-55 USB storage driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
+ Fix gcc3 warnings and other bugs in usb btooth (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
+ HP usb scanner driver (Oliver Neukum, John Fremlin,
Matthew Dharm)
+ Update usb scanner driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac1
o Merge 2.4.20-pre2
- drop change to apic error logging level
- drop bogus sign cast in spin_is_locked
o Merge LVM2 device mapper (Joe Thornber)
+ Clean up locking a little in ps2esdi (me)
| This driver needs much love and attention
+ Similar for xd.c (same comments too) (me)
+ Allocate xd bounce buffer early (can deadlock (me)
during an I/O)
o Fix partition table breakage (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre1-ac3
o Report "unknown errror" not "on fire" for usblp (Pete de Zwart)
+ Teach ac97_codec.c about 3rd/4th codecs (Juergen Sawinksi)
o Add MMIO support for i845 audio (Juergen Sawinksi)
o Tidy up error paths on i810_audio init (me)
+ Use cpu_has_tsc macro in joystick/random too (John Stultz)
+ Oliver Neukum becomes new HFS maintainer (Oliver Neukum)
| Treat him gently HFS is non trivial to fix
+ Merge synclink-mp driver (Paul Fulghum)
* Fix wavelan dev->trans_start handling (Jean Tourrilhes)
* Switch to newer wavelan_cs update (Jean Tourrilhes)
* Merge e100/e1000 docs (Jeff Garzik)
* Remove wrong use of set_bit in dl2k driver (Matthew Wilcox)
* Add another tulip PCI ident (Antoine,
Aaron Baranoff, Owen Taylor)
* Update 8139too PCI identifiers (Wilson Chen)
* Add another pl2303 identifier (Lutz Rothhardt)
* Remove confusing usb typedefs (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Add ti edge port USB driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Cypress sl811 USB controller driver
* Driver for Aiptek 8000U USB (Chris Atenasio)
* ti silverlink cable driver (Romain Liévin, Julien Blache)
* USB midi driver (NAGANO Daisuke)
+ Fix up hci_usb for USB changes (me)
+ Fix ub st5481_usb for USB changes (me)
o Fix sis DRM warnings (me)
+ Fix bad ifdef in lvm-snap (me)
+ Fix irda-usb compile error from USB changes (me)
* DECnet refcounting fix (Steve Whitehouse)
+ Export 8253 lock for ftape etc (me)
+ Fix undefined C in the dpt_i2o (me)
+ Fix oops case in i810-tco (me)
o Config help updates (Steven Cole)
o Merge 2.5 mempool support (needed for LVM2) (Ingo Molnar)
o Add vcalloc, including overflow checking (Joe Thornber)
o Add mempool slab helpers (Joe Thornber)
o Make bh->b_inode a flag in b_state (Andrew Morton)
o Use a seperate b_journal_head instead of (Andrew Morton)

Linux 2.4.20-pre1-ac2
- Fix compile failure for uniprocessor APM (me)
o Fix a compile warning and save 8K in do_mounts (Niels Jensen)
o Update x86 defconfig (Niels Jensen)
* Remove dead bits in dpt_i2o (Eric Sandeen)
+ cleanup (Steven Cole)
* EExpress can use I/O 0x240 on some cards (Pavel Janik)
* Update epic100 driver (Jeff Garzik)
- Fix compile of old hd.c (me)
o Add "badtsc" option based on John Stultz (John Stultz, me)
o Rewrote the code a bit to allow automatic (me)
detection of notsc on Summit
| When and if IBM document the other timers on the
| Summit this will also make it easy to plug it in
| (We can now handle detecting mixed multiplier PII
| as well if someone wants to add the code)
o Clean up timer stuff further based on comments (me)
by John Stultz.
+ Handle console_unblank failure from IRQ path (Arnd Bergmann)
o Rewrite NSC USB controller changes from parisc (me)
port into a general OHCI quirk
o First set of i810 audio updates (Doug Ledford)
+ AF_UNIX abstract addresses fix (Alexey Kuznetsov)
+ Further mpt fusion updates (Pam Delaney)
o Rev 0xC4 of ALi apparently isnt LBA48 (me)
o Add license tag to AF_UNIX (Christian Kurz)
+ USB scanner endian fixes (Frank Zago)
o Update 2.4 to the 2.5 LDM driver (Richard Russon)
* Update 8193cp driver for 64bit DMA, checksum (Jeff Garzik)
* Update 8139too driver (Jeff Garzik)
* Natsemi updates (Tim Hockin)
* Remove unneeded net includes (Brad Hards)
* Spelling fixes in drivers/net
* Fix use after kfree in au1000 ethernet (Marcus Alanen)
* Mark roadrunner driver as experimental (Greg Banks)
* Mark the FMV driver obsolete (Greg Banks)
* Tidy rcpci45 (Eric Sandeen)
* Fix ppp compile warning (Eric Sandeen)
* Move 3c509 license tag outside of ifdefs (Jeff Garzik)
* Fix ALi irda warning (Eric Sandeen)
* Fix flags types in a few drivers (Celso González)
* E100 needs bitops.h (Dave Miller)
- Remove a debug line in the Makefiles (Alex Riesen)
+ Back port 2.5 file lease code and race fixes (Stephen Rothwell)
o PnPBIOS ESCD reader fixes (Thomas Hood)

Linux 2.4.20-pre1-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.20pre1
- Drop broken isicom change
- Fix formatting errors in x86_64 char/
- Fix formatting errors in x86_64 isdn/
- Fix formatting errors in x86_64 radio card
- Fix formatting errors in x86_64 drivers/net/
- Drop broken atarilance change
- Fix wrong ioctl return in e100_ethtool_test, e100_ethtool_gstrings
- Fix security hole in e100 ioctl handler
- Fix identical hole in e1000 ioctl handler
- Remove mess where x86_64 sticks its arse in all sorts of
config files and makes a mess of it. Other ports don't because
the result sucks, x86_64 shouldnt either
- Drop utterly bogus change to drivers/sound/
- Revert uncompilable tg3 driver
* Fix up the eepro100 mess from 20pre1 (Christoph Hellwig)
* Switch to Namesys __FUNCTION__ reiserfs fixes (Oleg Drokin)
* Fix eepro formatting on register
o Fix radeon build on PPC (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o PPC scheduler, bitups, rwsem bits (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o Rework JFS indoe locking (David Kleikamp)
o Dynamically allocate JFS metapages (David Kleikamp)
o JFS rmdir/unlink d_delete removal (David Kleikamp)
o Add resize support to JFS (David Kleikamp)
* Rmemove unused code in aacraid (Christoph Hellwig)
+ Export the new pci_enable function to modules (Tomas Szepe)
o Handle APM on armada laptops (Samuel Thibault)
* Fix further errors in depca
o Fix a harmless physical/logical cpu confusion (me)
in the APM code
- Fix migration to CPU 0 before poweroff (me)
o Make the APM on CPU 0 locking cover all of APM (me)
| idle on SMP needs work, but this seems to work for the rest
| with my SMP boxes

Linux 2.4.19-ac4
o Fix pci_enable_device bug I added in ac3 (Jeremy Fitzhardinge)
o Don't program the ALi ISA bits when using a (Go Taniguchi,
Non ALi Northbridge Bruce Howards, me)
* E1000 Gigabit ethernet driver
o Fix build for I/O debug MULTIQUAD I hope (me)
| Found by Willy Tarreau
* Bluetooth core update/hot plug support (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
* L2CAP lock fixes, datagram and shutdown (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
* Fix locking in SCO bluetooth layer (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
* Update hci_usb driver, fix refcounting (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
* Add BNEP support to bluetooth (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
* Fix iee1394 build failure (me)
+ Fix BUZ_G_STATUS in zr36067 (me)
* Fix warning in fdomain.c (me)
* Fix warning in pas16 driver (me)
* Fix warning in bin2hex.c (me)
* Fix warning in xirc2ps_cs (me)

Linux 2.4.19-ac3
o Rethink number one on the IDE stuff (me)
We go back to the old pci setup, and
add the ability to enable devices with
some BAR's left unassigned

Linux 2.4.19-ac2
o Disable LBA48 on ALi IDE (Andre Hedrick,
revisions below 0xC4 Daniela Engert)
X Fix __FUNCTION__ warnings in reiserfs (me)
* Fix __FUNCTION__ in rest of irda drivers (me)
o/* Fix __FUNCTION__ in some more net/irda bits (me)
+ Add sem_getcount abstraction from parisc tree
o Merge some of the minor pcnet32 changes from
the parisc tree
X Fix __FUNCTION__ in the ldm partition code (me)
o Fix __FUNCTION__ in cycx_wan driver (me)
X Add full IDE reassignment based on description (me)
from Petr Vandrovec
o Update defconfig for the -ac tree (Niels Jensen)
* Fix AGP warnings (Niels Jensen)
o Make rwlock_t not waste space on gcc 2.95/2.96 (Niels Jensen)

Linux 2.4.19-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.19
* Add identifiers for the 3Com AirConnect PCI (Ingo Rohifs)
* Fix typo in sym2 comments (Grant Grundler)
* Fix cyclades resource bug (Florian Lohoff)
+ Fix address reporting on segv and friends for (Aneesh Kumar)
o Merge APM fixes for crashes on ASUS board (Willy Tarreau)
o Add module tags to toshiba smm driver (Jonathan Buzzard)
* Fix extern for init_rootfs (Christoph Hellwig)
* Make vmalloc.h include highmem.h to fix (Keith Owens)
build errors on some setups
* More __FUNCTION__ clean up for gcc 3.1 (me)

Linux 2.4.19rc5-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.19rc5
o Flush the right thing in ramdisk (HP merge)
+ Merge further small hppa bits (HP merge)
o Fix ide option breakage (Mikael Petterson)
o Fix a JFFS2 oops case (David Woodhouse)
+ Switch 'processor id' to 'physical id' (me)
| Keeps glibc happy until we sort out cpu numbers longer term
o Fix incorrect marking of phys_proc_id init (David Luyer)
o Update the experimental amd76x_pm code (Johnathan Hicks)
* EEPro10 update (Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho)
o Fix missing prototype (Christoph Hellwig)
o Make mount hash size more sensible (Christoph Hellwig)
+ Make i386 semaphore implementation gcc3 safe (Christoph Hellwig)
o Remove dead code in alim15x3 IDE code (me)
o Make the i8x0 audio power up more conservative (me)
o Enable EAPD on i8x0 audio devices (me)
| Hopefully this will fix some of the 'silent laptop' problems
* Fix misordering in drivers/net/Config (Willy Tarreau)
* Fix undefined C usage in ixj (me)
* Fix undefined C usage in se401 (me)
* Kill __FUNCTION__ in some usb drivers (me)

Linux 2.4.19rc3-ac5
o Fix the SMP compile problem (me)
| Better solutions preferred - suggestions anyone ?
o/* Exterminate more of the __FUNCTION__ warnings (me)
* Fix warning in stallion and real loading bug (me)
o/* Fix various random gcc 3.1 warnings (me)
o Hopefully fix the DRM compile for gcc 2.95 (me)
* Tighten multiple length checks in intermezzo (Silvio Cesare, me)
* Fix upper limit on stradis cliprects (Silvio Cesare, me)
* Fix proc_file_lseek (me)
* Fix drivers/s390/dasd write limit (Silvio Cesare, me)
* Fix ewrk3 and natsemi driver lengthchecks (Silvio Cesare, me)
* Openprom fixes (Dave Miller)
* Network procfs fixes (Dave Miller)
o Fix a couple of license tags (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger)
o Don't pad empty initializers with gcc 2.95+ (Christoph Hellwig)
o Make better use of dentry inline space (Andi Kleen)
o Fix ffs asm for gcc 3.x (Christoph Hellwig)
o Remove last gcc3 warnings on ext3 (Christoph Hellwig)
o Warn when mounting ext3 as ext2 (Andrew Morton)
* Make umem useadd_gendisk (Christoph Hellwig)
o Fix cpqarray I/O accountinmg (Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix for TCSBRK standards compliance
| LSB patch with further bugs fixed
* Fix lots more __FUNCTION__ stuff (me)
* Fix warnings in hamradio drivers with gcc3 (me)

Linux 2.4.19rc3-ac4
+ Support "help" button Vaio PCG-NV105 (Frank Schusdziarra)
* Clear AC on int in vm86 emulation (Stas Sergeev)
* Clean up stack handling macros in vm86 (Stas Sergeev)
* Handle multiple prefixes on vm86 traps (Stas Sergeev)
* Use FIXMAP for f00f fixups (Andrea Arcangeli,
Christoph Hellwig)
o Cacheline align tlb state (Andrea Arcangeli)
+ cmpxchg8 needs lock prefix (Andrea Arcangeli)
o Make O1 scheduler hyperthreading aware (Intel)
| Plus some cleanup, performance fix
o make xconfig fix up (Pete Zaitcev)
+ Fix a misidentification of Tualatin (Dave Jones)
o Update SiS IDE driver for ATA133 (Lui-Chen Chang,
Lionel Bouton)
o Update procfs for inode sysctl changes (James Antill)
o Final fixups for summit support (James Cleverdon)
* Fix missing sign check in se401 driver (Silvio Cesare)
* Fix missing wrap check in usbvideo (Silvio Cesare)
o Fix netsyms includes (Martin Uecker)
o Penguin logo frame buffer fix (Geert Uytterhoeven)
* sym53c8xx_2 fixes for bugs tickled on hppa (Grant Grundler)
o Remove vm_unacct_vma (Hugh Dickins)
o Handle do_mmap_pgoff mask properly (Hugh Dickins)
o Update to rmap-13b (Rik van Riel,
Arjan van de Ven, Hugh Dickins)
* Fix trident audio suspend/resume crash (Muli Ben-Yehuda)
o Give panic info in morse code on graphic oops (Andrew Rodland)
* Add a new kaweth usb ident (Harm Verhagen)
o Fix warnings from init_task.c (Alex Riesen)
o IRQ balancing fix backport from 2.5 (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o Clean up LDM support (Richard Russon)
* Fix lib/rbtree mismerge (Christoph Hellwig)
* Endian fixes for 8390 drivers (from HPPA merge)
X Support tulip on the parisc platform (from HPPA merge)
* Update parport_gsc (Helge Deller)
o Merge fault handling changes for upward (from HPPA merge)
growing stacks
o Fix undefined C in speakup (me)
* Fix umem undefined C (me)
* Fix a few other warnings (me)
* Lots of gcc 3.1 __FUNCTION__ warning fixes (me)

Linux 2.4.19rc3-ac3
o Hopefully fix the smp boot/apic problem (James Cleverdon)
o Tidy various VM bits up (Christoph Hellwig)
o Further quota updates (Jan Kara, Al Viro, Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix incorrect tristate in (Keith Owens)
o amd76x_pm compile fix (Erik Andersen)

Linux 2.4.19rc3-ac2
o Fix escaped iconfig makefile line (Greg Louis)
* Fix a dcache locking error (Al Viro)
o AMD native powermanagement (Tony Lindgren,
Johnathan Hicks)
| Replaces amd768_pm as its already far better
- Remove dead tq_bdflush (Christoph Hellwig)
- Remove dead pg_nosave bits (Christoph Hellwig)
- Remove dead 8253x build script (Christoph Hellwig)
o Clean up speakup Makefile (Christoph Hellwig)
o Fix typo in drivers/net/ (Hans-Joachim Baader)
o Update to new quota code with dual format (Jan Kara)
o Add the XFS framework for quota into it (Nathan Scott)
* Fix unaligned access on ewrk3 (Martin Brulisauer)
o Fix config breakage from mips merge (Christoph Hellwig)
* Recognize GPLv2 as a valid license (Keith Owens)
o Update ACPI hotplug driver (Takayoshi KOCHI)
| And fix posted shortly after
o Remove ksyms.c debugging junk (Khromy)
o Remove limits.h use in speakup (Adrian Bunk)
o NFS lock daemon fixes (Olaf Kirch)
| Sign errors, Openserver interoperability
* Further trident sound cleanup and fixes (Muli Ben-Yehuda)
o Change tcp_diag.h fix to keep DaveM happy (me)
o Add via apic to expected apic versions (me)
o Next batch of summit tweaks (James Cleverdon)
| Won't fix the existing APIC problem
o Add Vaio C1MV mode lines to radeonfb (James Mayer)
* Fix sloppy sign handling in apm and rio500 (Silvio Cesare)
* Reformat depca.c ready for some bugfixes (me)

Linux 2.4.19rc3-a1
o Merge with 2.4.19rc3

Linux 2.4.19rc2-ac2
o Fix ide probe crash stupid bug in ac1 (me)
| I mismerged Kurt's change

Linux 2.4.19rc2-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.19-rc2
* Minor HP merge fixup
* Orinoco build fix (Adrian Bunk)
o Vaio C1VE/N frame buffer console mode (Marcel Wijlaars)
* Fix an inverted test in sym53c8xx_2 (Grant Grundler)
o Fix aic7xxx build without PCI enabled (me)
* Clear allocated gendisk in IDE (Kurt Garloff)

Linux 2.4.19rc1-ac7
* Merge more HPPA bits
X tcp_diag alignment fixup (Richard Henderson)
| Pending DaveM making a nicer fix Im sure
o Hopefully fix the SMP APIC problems rc6 (James Cleverdon)
gave some people
o Fix incorrect __init in PCI core (Takayoshi KOCHI)
| Caused hotplug bugs
o Update IBM PCI hotplug driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Add SCSI blacklist entries for Centristor (Robert Sertic)
o Update Documentation/sysctl/vm.txt (Steven Cole)
* Fix kdev_val macro (Steven Cole)
o Allow a user to force dma 0 to be allowed (Gerald Teschl)
for ISAPnP [be nice to autodetect this ?]
o Hopefully fix bogus config question bug (me)
* Fix hang on some boxes if you unload
maestro audio then hit the volume buttons (Samuel Thibault)
* Fix aha152x scsi (Juergen Fischer)
* Bluetooth pcmcia drivers (Marcel Holtmann)

Linux 2.4.19rc1-ac6
o Update merge using bits from newer summit diff (James Cleverdon)
o Fix problems with non SMP but io-apic build (me)
* Socket error path memory leak fix (Robert Love)
o Fix sd_varyio masks for higher drives (Kurt Garloff)
o Fix tmpfs double kunmap (Hugh Dickins)
o VIA rhine cleanup/fixes (Roger Luethi)
o Fix typos in ncr/seagate scsi (James Mayer)
* MPT fusion update (Pam Delaney)
* Trident audio code cleanups and lock fixes (Muli Ben-Yehuda)
o Fix irq balancing for summit boxes with Ingo's (James Cleverdon)
PIV balancer

Linux 2.4.19rc1-ac5
o Add additional promise chip names provided by (me)
Hank Yang
o Fix promise 20277 misreporting (me)
o Remove extra argument from vm_enough_memory (me)
| Suggested by Hugh Dickins
*/+ Initial merge of main chunk of parisc-55 tree
- fix scheduling of disabled kbd tasklet

Linux 2.4.19rc1-ac4
o Tweak pnpbios permissions on escd file (me)
| We only want root able to see it
o Merge first bits of Summit stuff (me)
| Working from ugly ibm patch for 2.4.9
o Fix casting warnings in i830 DRM (me)
* Fix atp870u warning (me)
o Fix APM hang on resume with SMP kernel on up (me)
o Change added proc/cpuinfo entries to fit format(me)
o Fix PIV clockmod (Peter Osterlund)
o Re-order scsi disk structure to save space (Kurt Garloff)
o Fix CPU_FREQ build problem (Peter Osterlund)
o Clean up speakup_acntpc (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Clean up speakup_acntsa (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Clean up speakup_apolo (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Basic speakup core cleanups (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Fix a mishandling of PCIBIOS boxes that do not (Mark Lisher)
o Fix promise skip for new supertrak (Jan Schmidt)
o Allocate nocache ram based on mem size for (Tomas Szepe)
* Fix incorrect zlib includes (David Woodhouse)
* Fix duplicated scsi host idents (Itai Nahshon)
o Update ALi5451 audio (Lei Hu)
| Sorry this took so long - it got lost
o Handle radeon cards that report zero RAM (James Mayer)
o Blacklist H.01.09 megaraid firmware (Jan Koop)
+ Initial ALi5455 audio support (Lei Hu)

Linux 2.4.19rc1-ac3
| With the IDE backport option and other general 2.5 improvements
| its now best worked on in 2.5
* Remove duplicate config options (Steven Cole)
o Newer SX6000 has PDC20276 chips. Handle this (me)
o Don't use LBA48 hack on Promise 20262/3 (Hank Yang)
* Switch to Promise namings for chips (Hank Yang)
* Update promise drive quirks (Hank Yang)
o Fix missing sem up on error in usb printer (Oliver Neukum)
* Correct FPU stack fault signal flag bits (Dave Richards)
o Resync with base JFS tree (Dave Kleikamp)
* Make it clear CMD64x drives CMD680 (Adrian Bunk)

Linux 2.4.19rc1-ac2
* Update eata and u14/34f drivers (Dario Ballabio)
o Handle 3c556 transmitter enable bit (Andrew Morton)
o Make the DRM layer use the pci mapping api (Arjan van de Ven)
o Set pci dma masks on the i2o devices (Frank Davis)
* JFFS2 bug fixes (Dave Woodhouse)
* Fix i815 APSIZE masking (Nicolas Aspert)
* Remove junk pcxxdelay function (Sergey Kononenko)
* EFI partition updates (Matt Domsch)
- I took out the MSDOS check - if both are
present we should favour MSDOS for now
* Fix ipc/shm locking (Hugh Dickins)
* Update (Steven Cole)
* USB updates - cleanups (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o USB fix for intuos tablet (Christer Nilsson)
* USB scanner updates (David Nelson, Henning Meier-Geinitz,
Sergey Vlasov, Karl Heinz Kremer)
| Note - new maintainer for USB scanner - Brian Beattie
o Re-merge the ramfs limits code (David Gibson)
| * This needs good testing
| + TODO - make ramfs homour vm_accounting
* eepro100 warning fix (Pavel Machek)
+ Report ok for nfs directory fsync (Trond Myklebust)
* Promise 20268 raid should be called 20270 (Hank Yang)
| Trivial item pulled out of the pending promise patches
o Speakup HZ != 100 cleanup part 1 (Arjan van de Ven)
o Report HT info in /proc/cpuinfo (Arjan van de Ven)
o PIV IRQ balancing fix (Ingo Molnar)
o Allow a non PGE PII optimised build (Arjan van de Ven)
X Elevator performance fixes (Andrea Arcangeli)
o Update cpufreq, add PIV throttling (Robert Schwebel,
Padraig Brady, Zwane Mwaikambo, Arjan van de Ven,
Tora Engstad)
o O(1) scheduler updates (Ingo Molnar)
* Fix 64bit random panic with
"I refuse to corrupt memory/swap" (Bill Nottingham)
* Fix compile with floppy disabled (Adrian Bunk)
* Quirk handler for Dunord I-3000 (Dave Close, David Mosberger)
| Plus I added real PCI idents for neatness
o Fix another vm accounting corner case (Robert Love)
o Patch up XFree 4.1 back compat problems (Arjan van de Ven)
in DRM 4.2+

Linux 2.4.19rc1-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.19-rc1
- Drop out mm fixes
* Shmem fixes for -ac (Hugh Dickins)
o Fix vm accounting corner cases (Hugh Dickins)
* Fix utimes permission check error (Stephen Rothwell)
| It was overstrong
o Fix JFS error handling down_write_trylock (David Kleikamp)
o Module loader off by 1 fix (Peter Oberparleiter)
o Allow irda modem bits to be arch set (Grant Grundler)
* ALI M1671 GART support (Arjan van de Ven)
o IDE scsi off by one transformation fix (Mark Lord)
* Printk fixes
o USBserial semaphore fix (Pete Zaitcev)
o Alpha updates for O(1) scheduler (Robert Love)

Linux 2.4.19pre10-ac2
o Merge speakup support for blind users
o CSB6 cable detect for Dell (Matt Domsch)
o Update pci ids for Intel i8xx (Wim Van Sebroeck)
* Add AMD766 PCI irq router support (Wayne Whitney)
* ACARD scsi update (Matthew Chang)
* Fix idle-period bug in APM parser (Laurent Latil)
* Printk levels for 3c501 ethernet (Felipe Damasio)
o AMD768 TCO watchdog driver - * needs testing * (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Fix IDE port offset for pdc202xx (Hang Yang)
| should fix LBA48 drives on primary channel
o Fix incorrect speedstep multiplier detect (Dominik Brodowski)
* Add support for Aptiva with Bose subwoofer (Toshio Spoor,
John Rood)
* Autodetect SiS 745 AGP (Carsten Rietzschel)
* More scsi sparselun entries (Arjan van de Ven)
* Fix possible crash on shutdown with AF_ROSE (Jean-Paul Roubelat)
* Intel 845G IDE support (Andre Hedrick)
+ Further CPiA driver updates (Duncan Haldane)
o Fix DAC960 diff that went astray (Juan Quintela)
o Add HP arrays to the sparselun list (Andrew Patterson)

Linux 2.4.19pre10-ac1
o Merge with Linux 2.4.19-pre10

Linux 2.4.19pre9-ac3
o Cpufreq updates (Dominik Brodowski, Dave Jones0
| Now includes some reverse engineered speedstep support
o JFS updates (David Kleikamp, Christoph Hellwig)
+ CPiA updates/Intel microscope support (Duncan Haldane)
* Fix vm86 locking errors on SMP (Ben LaHaise)
* Remove dead vm86mode field (Ben LaHaise)
* Fix make clean for cl2llc (Keith Owens)
o Fix loop errors with highmem (Ben LaHaise)
* Fix ipc/sem.c SuS/LSB compliance (Christopher Yeoh)
X Update swsuspend maintainer info (Pavel Machek)
* Add another drive quirk for the promise (Hank Yang)
o Merge external journal support for jfs (David Kleikamp)
o Add documentation about O(1) scheduler (Robert Love)
o O(1) scheduler tidy ups (Robert Love)
o Fix remaining extern inline users (Christoph Hellwig)
o Cache alignment cleanups for SMP apic timers (Ravikiran Thirumalai)
o Ext3 file system updates (Stephen Tweedie)
o Fix 'dump corrupts live fs bug' (Stephen Tweedie)
o Add DAC960 devices to init table (Oliver Pitzeier)
| Lilo doesn't care but grub does ..

Linux 2.4.19pre9-ac2
* Clean up after SIGURG properly (David Weinehall)
| Needed to match the other SuS compliance fix for it
* Fixed wrong elf section in neofb (Thomas Mirlacher,
Andrey Panin)
* Don't write to reserved bits on 815 gart (Nicolas Aspert)
* Make fcntl locking POSIX 2001 compliant (Andries Brouwer)
* Fix an mmap corner case (Raúl)
* Merge 3c59x vlan support (Paul Komkoff)
* Update URLS for LDP documentation (John Kacur)
* Fix rmem setting for low memory (J A Magallon)
* Reparent scsi error thread to init (J A Magallon)
* Backport FPU init fixes (J A Magallon)
* Fix AGPgart crash on I830M/I845G when using
8Mb/8Mb split (Jeff Hartmann)
* Fix phy masking on 8139too (Jeff Garzik)
* Fix link state reporting on generic phy code (Jeff Garzik)
* Tulip phy handling fix (Jeff Garzik)
* Update 8139too docs (Jeff Garzik)
* cs89x0 update (Jeff Garzik)
* VIA rhine fixes (Jeff Garzik)
* Hamachi quick fixup for 2.4.19 (Keith Underwood)
* Revert escaped procfs debug code (Todd Eigenschink)
* Merge the 2.5 additions to ethtool (Jeff Garzik)
* Update dl2k driver (Jeff Garzik)
* Fix kernel api docs to reflect fb changes (Juan Quintela)
* Fix problems with pcnet32 workaround for x250 (Go Taniguchi)
* De4x5 cleanups (Jeff Garzik)

Linux 2.4.19pre9-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.19pre9
* Fix SuS violation on readv/writev (me)
| I believe this one is correct, please double check

Linux 2.4.19pre8-ac5
* Fix various audio copy*user (Rusty Russell)
o Update to rmap 13 (Rik van Riel, Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix joystick copy_user bugs (Robert Johnson)
* Document the i2o_pci module (me)
* Switch i2o_block back to direct pointers (me)
to avoid promise firmware bugs
* Remove cache error paths from i2o_block (me)
| new code doesnt trip that bug
* Reduce the i2o queue depth per device (me)
| pending tuning - might need more yet
* Set i2o default limit at 48K a write (me)
| more firmware bug stuff
* Clean up i2o cache strategy, add tuning ioctl (me)
* Allow users to force dpt cards to use base i2o (me)
| tested i2o_block on DPT with my cards
* Remove duplicate ac97_codec inclusion (Keith Owens)
X Tidy up patch for swsuspend (Pavel Machek)
* Fix wrong __init in 3c509 (Kasper Dupont)
o Fix mm/bootmem.c build on cris (Johan Adolfsson)
* Remove config tools for 8253x from kernel tree (Keith Owens)
* Rename files in aacraid ready for merge (me)
of updates
* Merge bridge specific changes in aac code (Deanna Bonds)
* Merge most of the fixups/cleanups for aacraid (Deanna Bonds)
* Set PCI masks for the 64 and 32bit aacraids (me)
* Don't program up the ali secondary codec for (me)
6 channel if you don't have one fitted
* Block layer copy*user fixups (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
* Fix missing intermezzo include (Marc-Christian Petersen)
o Slab cache for iobufs (Andrea Arcangeli, Chuck Lever,
Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix intermezzo copy*user (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o down_trylock (Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix video compile for split module (Michal Jaegermann)
and compiled in
* Kill 3c59x debug bits (Andrew Morton)
* Char fixes for copy*user (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
* Fix a few errors in the janitor copy* fixes (me)

Linux 2.4.19pre8-ac4
o Fix warnings in pc_keyb.c (Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix undefined C in rivafb (Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix dnotify warnings (Christoph Hellwig)
o Remove unused nfs label (Christoph Hellwig)
o Fix vm_validate_enough prototypes (Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix wrong comment in agpgart (Nicolas Aspert)
* JFFS2 fixes (David Woodhouse)
o Hopefully fix zisofs breakage (David Woodhouse)
* Remove a defunct soc_probe call (Christoph Hellwig)
o Update initrd documentation (Mark Post)
- Fix SMP build (Robert Love)
o Numa-Q apic timer update (Martin Bligh)

Linux 2.4.19pre8-ac3
o Kbuild fixes (Keith Owens)
* Fix eepro100 bug/typo (Michael Rozhavsky)
* Intel 845G GART support (Graeme Fisher)
* Fix tasklet disable/kill in pppoatm (Luca Barbier)
* Add another PCI ident to the acenic driver (Eric Smith)
o Major IDE updates (Andre Hedrick)

Linux 2.4.19pre8-ac2
* Fix more compile problems (me)
* Fix a possible hang on shutdown in 3270 tty (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Make "make rpm" sane for non x86 (Cesar Cardoso)
* Two new AC97 codec entries (Lei Hu)
* Thread exit race fix (Dave McCracken)
* Further sg buffer clearing fix (Douglas Gilbert)
* Fix do_mounts printk (Al Viro)
* Umembp fixups (Neil Brown)
* Umembp shift bug fixup (me)
o Kbuild fixes and improvements (Keith Owens)
* Add a new tulip clone pci ident entry (Ohta Kyuma)
* Fix url on via pci fixups (Erich Schubert)
* koi8-ru handling fixes (Petr Vandrovec)
o Clean up remaining code to use yield (Robert Love)
o Clean up migration_init as per 2.5 (Erich Focht)
o Clean up maximum real time priorities (Robert Love)
* Kill unused variable in bpck6 (Adrian Bunk)
* Fix dnotify/process exit handling (Stephen Rothwell)
* Add another vaio bios to the table (Yves Lafon)
* Allow users to disable hyperthreading (Hugh Dickins)

Linux 2.4.19pre8-ac1
o Merge with Linux 2.4.19pre8
- Fix some compile problems

Linux 2.4.19pre7-ac4
* Test AMD768 IRQ router support (me)
* Fix ext2 build error
* Improve i810 audio documentation (Johannes Feigl)
* Ensure UTS data is in C locale (Martin Dalecki)
* Add the Intel ICH4 to the i810 audio driver (Wang Jun)
* Fix qlogicfc crash under load (Dave Miller)
* Fix snprintf return values in some cases (Ben LaHaise)
* Fix a bug that got into the iph5526 code when (Vineet Abraham)
* Add more scanners that respond to all LUNs (Frank Zago)
* Synclink PCMCIA wan driver (Paul Fulghum)
* Fix sparc64/ppc64 bluetooth ioctl build (Martin Eriksson)
* Change 5/6bit codec resolution detect for (Wan Tat Chee)
* Fix v4l compile bug in one option case (Iain Stevenson)
o Clean up powernow initcalls ("CaT")
o Add PIO mode support for the Pacific Digital (Mark Lord)
ADMA-100i card

Linux 2.4.19pre7-ac3
* Back merge some documentation fixes (Daniel Dickman)
* Update sisfb driver (Thomas Winischhofer)
o Remove sync wakeups now O(1) handles it (Robert Love)
o Abstract away need_resched (Robert Love)
o Fix scheduler deadlock during switch_mm (Dave Miller)
on sparc etc
o Optimise sched_yield (Robert Love)
o Handle tasks becoming runnable during (Robert Love)
o Clean up assumptions about MAX_RT_PRIO (Robert Love)
o Backport of migration fixes/irq off (Robert Love
fixes and migration_init William Irwin)
o Cleanups from 2.5->2.4 O(1) backport (Robert Love)
| The entire O(1) block above is a backport
| of all the fixes from Ingo, Robert and others
X Swsuspend fix crash on boot add cleanups (Pavel Machek)
* Scsi generic buffer tidy up (Douglas Gilbert)
* Correct kd.h definitions (Andrej Lajovic)
X Fix missing include for swsuspend (Mauricio Zambrano)
* typo fixes (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Identify PIV Xeon in mptable (James Bourne)
o Fix "skip_ioapc_setup" compile problem (Mikael Pettersson)
o Additional ext2/ext3 sanity checker (Andreas Dilger)
* Handle very old misconfigured
NCR53c810 on DECpc XL etc (Graham Cobb)
o Core of support for jfs external log (Christoph Hellwig,
Dave Kleikamp)
o Clean up jfs_mknod a little (Christoph Hellwig)
o Sync up 2.4/2.5 jfs changes (Christoph Hellwig)
* PPC compile fixes (Paul Mackerras)
* Next stage of vm86 fixing (Kasper Dupont)
o Clean up drivers to use vmalloc_to_page (Hugh Dickins)
* Fix missing release in opl3sa2 (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Fix flag type error in rtl8150 (Rusty Russell)
* Fix various missing CONFIG_PCI checks (me)

Linux 2.4.19pre7-ac2
* Limit default i2o_block to 64K writes (me)
| Several controllers can't handle larger single requests
* Add power management control to i2o_block (me)
X Use chained sg list for i2o_block (me)
| Need to load first 8 entries into message for performance still
* Updated i2o documentation (me)
* Fix make xconfig
* Fix bios reboot sequence (Robert Hentosh)
* Kees Cook changed email address (Kees Cook)
* Fix a minor SuSv3 violation in SIGURG (Christopher Yeoh)
o Make htmldocs fixups (Erik van Konijnenburg)
o Make all the slab caches use the "_" convention (Ryan Mack)
o Fix flow control problems with TCP over NFS (Neil Brown)
o Removepage hooks as per old -ac (Christoph Rohland)
| This lets shmfs/ramfs keep accounting straight
| ramfs needs someone to drop in the other old -ac bits stil
o Fix via-rhine PCI idents (Shing Chuang)
* Backport of 2.5 aha152x update by (Juergen Fischer)
o Loop fixups (Arjan van de Ven)
o Add HP tachyon idents to cpqfc driver (Jes Sorensen)
* Clean up mpu401 failure handling paths (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Ad1848 pnp scanning fixes (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o Kill dead URL in maintainers (Joe Perches)
- Back out problem bridge update (Mike Fedyk)
* Fix sound on Compaq Presario 700 (Santiago Nullo)
o Fix restore_flags handling in cmd640 probe (Justin Gibbs)
o Fix oops from mptable impaired bioses (Arjan van de Ven)
o Fix 8139cp/8139too big endian multicast setup (Naoki Hamada)
* Fix missing newline in i810 audio printk (???)
* Put syscall table back for now (Steven Hirsch)
* Fix ips build for some combinations (Steven Hirsch)
o NLS makefile tidy (Urban Widmark)
o Fix radeonfb build (Peter Horton)
* Update poll_out fixes on tty devices (Sapan Bhatia)
o 32bit uids in acct data (Chris Wing)

Linux 2.4.19pre7-ac1
o Merge CPU speed control framework and support (Dave Jones, Russell King
for VIA processors and AMD K6 Arjan van de Ven, Janne Pänkälä)
o Merge with 2.4.19pre7
- drop out keyb changes (breaks some setups)
* Lots more i2o debugging work (me)
| I2O now seems to be working again and works
| for the first time on the AMI Megaraid

Linux 2.4.19pre5-ac3
X Software suspend initial patch (Pavel Machek, Gabor Kuti,..)
| Don't enable this idly. Its here to get exposure and so
| people can bring the rest of the code up to meet its needs as
| well as fix it.
| Read the docs first!
* Small fix for the radeonfb (Peter Horton)
* Fix highmem truncation on DMA mapping bug (Dave Miller)
X Modules are not supposed to hack the syscall (Arjan van de Ven)
table so remove the export
* Add ite sound configuration help (Steven Cole)

Linux 2.4.19pre5-ac2
* Fix compile error when using initrd (Jeff Nguyen)
* Make the KL133 onboard video happy again (Andre Pang)
| and a lot of people working to figure out the right bits
* Reparent jdb to init and drop lock on exit (Ishan Jayawardena)
* Fix radeon corner case (Arjan van de Ven)
o Cache more group descriptors on ext2/ext3 (Arjan van de Ven)
* SAB8253 series wan drivers (Joachim Martillo)
* Add more idents for PIIX IDE controllers (Arjan van de Ven)
* Lock signals in procfs (Andrea Arcangeli)
* Backport of 2.5 BUG_ON() functionality (Robert Love)
- Drop -O1 on sched.c - turns out its a CPU
microcode bug on early Xeon not Linux
* Fix Radeon fb reset problems as X11 did (Peter Horton)
* Radeon acceleration/mtrr updates (Peter Horton)
o JFS flushpage updates (Christoph Hellwig)
* BeOS file system support (Will Dyson)
| original work by Makoto Kato
* Fix w83877 watchdog SMP compile failure (Paul Komkoff, me)
* Fix pty/tty POLL_OUT reporting (Sapan Bhatia)
* Update berkshire watchdog driver (Lindsay Harris, Rob Radez)
o Clean up duplicated path_init and __user_walk (Hanna Linder)
* Enable MMX extensions on Geode GXm (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o O(1) scsi free command block finder (Mark Hemment)
* Updated IBM serveraid driver (Jack Hammer)
* S/390 makefile cross compile fixups (Pete Zaitcev)

Linux 2.4.19pre5-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.19pre5

Linux 2.4.19pre4-ac4
o Fix an additional vm86 case (Stas Sergeev)
| Check DOSemu again and this code wants some good review
o Do sanity checking to avoid mispoking PCI on (me)
the CMD640 [noted by Justin Gibbs]
o Fix promise IDE error recovery (Manfred Spraul)
o Ali IDE hang fixes (Sen Dong)
| Extracts from a bigger ALi update
* Ext3 balloc locking fix (Andrew Morton)
* Fix escaped MWAVE configuration (Thomas Hood)
* Fix nls_utf8 problems (Liyang Hu)
* Fix mmx_memcpy over-prefetching on Athlon (me)
o Fix an error return the vm accounting code broke(Andrew Morton)
* Fix bpck6 build on the powerpc platform (Jens Schmalzing)
* Fix bpck6 64bit cleanness and other minor bits (me)
* Fix sound thinko (Per von Zweigbergk)
* Backport the 2.5 wireless driver stuff (Jean Tourrilhes)
| So 2.5 driver fix back merging is sane

Linux 2.4.19pre4-ac3
o Fix NFS pathconf problem (Neil Brown)
o IBM memory key ident for usb_storage (Alexander Inyukhin)
* Add byte counters to mkiss driver (Ken Koster)
* Add more entries to the scsi scan lists (Arjan van de Ven)
* More eepro100 variants (Arjan van de Ven)
* Update wolfson codec initialisers (Randolph Bentson)
+ USB serial oops fixes (Greg Kroah Hartmann)
* Mad16 register gameport with input layer (Michael Haardt)
* Update specialix driver to handle SI v1.x board (Ismo Salonen)
* Fix a wdt285 EFAULT return, remove crud (Ron Gage, me)
* Fix ioctl return errors on several sound cards (Ron Gage)

Linux 2.4.19pre4-ac2
* Hopefully correctly fix the vm86 problems (Stas Sergeev)
| Please test wine 16bit/dosemu/XFree stuff
* Fix panic when writing 0 length ucode chunk (Tigran Aivazian)
* Fix incorrect use of hwif->index in ALI IDE (Martin Dalecki)
* Fix mmap rbtree corruption bug (Ben LaHaise)
o Fix incorrect 10 to 6 byte scsi command switch (Jens Axboe)
* TCP correctness fix (Dave Miller)
* Correct mwi acronym in docs (Geert Uytterhoeven)
* Merge the rest of Promise 20271 support (YAMAWAKI Teruo)
* Fix open/close races in indydog (Dave Hansen)
* Fix compile problem with ibm hotplug (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Save the .config file in make rpm (Kelly French)
* Add another vaio with swapped minutes (Michael Piotrowski)
o Further atm fixes (Maksim Krasnyanskiy
Marcell Gal)
o Even more atm fixes (Francois Romieu)
* USB support for palm m130 (Udo Eisenbarth)
* USB fix for pegasus hotplug crash (Petko Manolov)
* USB request sense help for some scanners (Oliver ?)
* USB support for Optus@home (Oliver ?)
* USB printer updates (David Paschal, Pete Zaitcev)
* Work around USB ATEN keyboard switches (Vojtech Pavlik)
* PWC usb camera updates ("Nemosoft")
* Small updates to the USB hub code (Itai Nahshon)
* Fix spinlock handling bugs in ipaq USB (Ganesh Varadarajan)
* OHCI fixes (David Brownell)
* USB docs update (David Brownell)
* UHCI fixes (Johannes Erdfelt)
* Quieten a USB message to debug (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* USB bandwidth reporting (David Brownell)
* Fix msync SuS v3 compliance (Chris Yeoh)
* CS8900 fixes (need testing) (Paul Komkoff)
* Adapt HP100 driver to pci api (Jeff Garzik)
* Acenic updates - fix leak and Tigon1 (Jes Sorensen)
* DE620 region handling fixes (K Kasprzak)
* DLink DL2K gige updates (Edward Peng, Jeff Garzik)
* pcnet32 leak fix (Jeff Garzik)
* pcnet32 types fixes for non x86 (Anton Blanchard)
* pcnet32 assorted fixes (Dave Engebretsen)
* pcnet32 fixes (Paul Mackerras)
* Fix missing linux/delay.h from eepro100 (me)
* Further pcnet32 cleanup and probe fixes (Go Taniguchi)
* Merge gcc3 warning fixes for copy/csum (Jeff Garzik)
* Fix bmac build (Joshua Uziel)
* DE4x5 slight tidy up (Jeff Garzik)
* More AC97 ident strings (Peter Christy)

Linux 2.4.19pre4-ac1
o Merge 2.4.19pre4
* Add PCI idents for mobility parallel port (me)
o Fix crash on boot with LLC if no devices present(me)

Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac6
o Fix the oops initialising the CD-ROM (Andre Hedrick)
* Add devexit_p() to the wdt_pci watchdog (Adrian Bunk)
o Fix lm_sensors compile (Eyal Lebedinsky)
o Remove some dead JFS oddments (Christoph Hellwig)
* SCSI generic update (Doug Gilbert, Travers Carter)
o VM86 exception fixups (Kasper Dupont, Manfred Spraul)
* Fix an fcntl error corner case to match SuS (Christopher Yeoh)

Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac5
* Further IDE updates (Andre Hedrick)
* Reduce ide tape debug noise (Alfredo Sanjuán)
* Sync devices on final close not each close (Miquel van Smoorenburg)
* Make max busses/irqs dynamic on x86 (James Cleverdon)
| Needed for big IBM boxen
* Remove exp_find in NFS (never used) (Al Viro)
* Fix read locking on NFS export_table (Erik Habbinga)
* Fix possible NFS error path mnt/dentry leak (Al Viro)
* Use MKDEV macro in NFS device create (GOTO Masanori)
* Clean up stale fh stats (Neil Brown)
o Tidy nfsd_lookup (Al Viro)
o nfsd_setattr fixes (Neil Brown)
o Tidy up nfsd vfs calls (Neil Brown)
o Clean up nfsd syscall interface (Neil Brown)
o Fix fat NFS handle interfaces (Neil Brown)
o Tidy up export list handling for NFS (Al Viro)
o Use seq_file for NFS exports proc file (Al Viro)
o Support for deviceless file system exports (Steven Whitehouse)
o Remove big kernel lock use for most of nfsd (Neil Brown)
o Convert sunrpc code to use generic linux lists (Neil Brown)
o Tidy up svc_sock NFS locking on SMP (Neil Brown)
o Improve tcp error/close handling (Neil Brown)
o Close down idle NFS tcp sockets (Neil Brown)
o NFS TCP fixes for buffer space tracking (Neil Brown)
o Handle TCP RPC service flooding (Neil Brown)
o Enable NFS over TCP via config options (Neil Brown)

Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac4
o Ensure jfs readdir doesn't spin on bad metadata (Dave Kleikamp)
o Fix iconfig with no modules (Randy Dunlap)
* Don't enfore rlimit on block device files (Peter Hartley)
* Add belkin wireless card idents (Brendan McAdams)
* Add HP VA7400 to the scsi blacklist quirks (Alar Aun)
o JFS race fix (Dave Kleikamp)
* Fix wafer5823 watchdog merge error I made (Justin Cormack)
* Fix Config rule for phonejack pcmcia card (Eyal Lebedinsky)
o Test improved OOM handler for rmap (Rik van Riel)
* Update defconfig/experimental bits (Neils Jensen)
* The incredible shrinking kernel patch (Andrew Morton)
* Clean up BUG() implementation (Andrew Morton)

Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac3
* Doh fixed the SYSVIPC build problem (Everyone...)
o Added 802.2LLC support (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
| Based on 2.0 code contributed by Procom
* Fix i2o build as module (Mark Cooke)
* Blacklist for machines where local apic fails (Mikael Pettersson)
* Clean up wdt_pci (Zwane Mwaikambo)

Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac2
o Hopefully fixed all the as accounting bugs (me)
o Bit more LS220 work (nothing useful yet) (me)
o Change should be long not int in shmem acct (me)
o Ignore MAP_NORESERVE in mode 2/3 accounting (me)
* Fix pci bar flag parsing (Russell King)
* Handle ELF setup_arg_pages failure (Russell King)
* AT1700 filter fix (Sawa)
o S/390 fix for O(1) scheduler (Pete Zaitcev)
o Fix /proc/kcore for non zero memory start (Russell King)
* Update USB config files (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* TCP minisocks fixes (Dave Miller)
* dnotify fixes (Stephen Rothwell)
* Remove pointles sysrq-L (Russell King)
* Reparent khubd to init (Andrew Morton)
* EEpro100 test updates (Arjan van de Ven)
* Use named initializers in hwc_con (Pete Zaitcev)
* SHM ipc fix (Paul Larson)
* Further printk level fixes (Denis Vlasenko)
* Revert epic100 changes - reports of problems (me)
* Wafer WDT watchdog driver (Justin Cormack)
| I did some cleanup - Justin please double check it
* ITE8330G PIRQ map support (Tobias Diedrich)
* Trivial khttpd logging bug fix (Rogier Wolff)
* Stop module autoloader making user /proc/pid (Andreas Ferber)
dir root owned
* Handle TF flag properly on debug trap (Christoph Hellwig,
Arjan van de Ven, Stephan Springl)
* ALi M1701 watchdog driver (Stve Hill)
| I tidied/fixed this one too so please check
o Add iconfig (save/extract config from kernel (Randy Dunlap)
image file)
* Add mk712 touchscreen driver (Daniel Quinlan)
| Fixed various bugs in it - Dan please check

Linux 2.4.19pre3-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.19pre3
- Revert buggy bluesmoke change
- Add missing pppox header change
* Next SIS ide update (Lionel Bouton)
* Only try the flush and recycle trick for (me)
known buggy I2O controllers.
* Clean up module junk and use new init style (me)
for I2O.
* Don't use cache hints on dim i2o controllers (me)
* Add vmalloc_to_page to 2.4 from 2.5 (Gerd Knorr)
o JFS updates (Christoph Hellwig, Dave Kleikamp)
* Fix boot_cpu_data corruption bug (Mikael Pettersson)
* Clean up ppp vfree paths (David Woodhouse)
* Emagic EMI usb driver (Tapio Laxström)
* Edgeport fixes for multiple device case (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Ethtool support for catc usb (Brad Hards)
* Update to pegasus driver in base tree (Petko Manolov)
* Update USB maintainers (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* IPAQ usb driver fixup (Ganesh Varadarajan)
* Allow usbfs name for 2.5 compatibility (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Committed_AS without a space in procfs (Andy Dustman)
* Fix an NFS file creation problem (Trond Myklebust)
* Fix a missing ksym (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Increase init delay on ALI5451 audio setup (Harald Jenny)
| Needed for Acer Travelmate 521TE
* Fix printk message levels in pci code (Denis Vlasenko)
* Add another laptop to the buggy APM tables (Mihnea-Costin Grigore)
* Fix an obscure acct race (Bob Miller)
* Sonypi driver update (Stelian Pop)
* Fix devfs glitch with namespace stuff (Paul Komkoff, Al Viro)

Linux 2.4.19pre2-ac4
* Initial Ricoh ZVbus support (Marcus Metzler)
o PnPBIOS fixes (Brian Gerst)
* Fix a case where sync_one might not start an (Ben LaHaise)
inode writeout
* Corrected atm locking fix (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
* mp table parsing corner case fix (James Cleverdon)
o NFS over JFS directory offset fix (Christoph Hellwig)
* Update reisefsprogs version (Paul Komkoff)
* RME Hammerfall driver update (Günter Geiger)
* Fix an off by one in the bluesmoke reporting (Dave Jones)
* Make irnet disconnect hang up ppp (Jean Tourrilhes)
* Fix abuse of cli() in irda socket connect (Jean Tourrilhes)
* Add help text to patch-kernel script (Damjan Lango)
* USB irda updates (Jean Tourrilhes)
* IRDA link layer updates (Jean Tourrilhes)
* Add WD xd signature to 2.4 (from 2.2) (Jim Freeman)
* Update sc1200 watchdog (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Switch wdt501 watchdog driver to bitops (me)
* Much updated LSI logic MPT fusion drivers (Pam Delaney)
* Wavelan driver updates (Jean Tourrilhes)
* Fix a race where we could hit init_idle after (Kip Walker)
freeing it (from rest_init)
* Raylink driver bugfixes (Jean Tourrilhes)
o Switch 2.4 to using a shared zlib (David Woodhouse)
* Fix w83877 SMP deadlock, clean up locking (me)
* IBM lanstreamer update (Kent Yoder)
* Fix 32bitism in the PM code (Pavel Machek)
* Make irqsave use unsigned long for consistency (Pavel Machek)
| Just fixes a few exceptions
* Make i2o_block fallback to blkpg for ioctls (me)
* All pids in use handling (Paul Larson)
* IDE code wasn't using ide_free_irq (William Jhun)
* Fix non procfs build (Eric Sandeen)
* Cyberjack bug fix (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* USB vicam fixes (Oliver Neukum)
* Add another device to the ftdi driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* UHCI performance fixes (Johannes Erdfelt)
* STV680 bug fixes (Kevin Sisson)
* Kaweth bug fixes (Oliver Neukum)
* Update hpusbscsi driver (Oliver Neukum)
* Update OV511 driver (Mark McClelland)
* Update usb-ipaq driver to support journada (Ganesh Varadarajan)
* Fix a bug in the USB skeleton driver (Holger Waechtler)
* Further SiS IDE updates (Lionel Bouton)
* Fix ufs mount failure bug (Andries Brouwer)
* Allow the max user frequency for the rtc to (Mike Shaver)
be configurable
* HPT37x crash on init fixups (Vojtech Pavlik)

Linux 2.4.19pre2-ac3
o Fix quota deadlock and extreme load corruption (Jan Kara, Chris Mason)
* MIPS config fix (Ralf Baechle)
* Update AGP config entry (Daniele Venzano)
* SMBfs NLS oops fix (Urban Widmark)
* Fix expand_stack locking hang on OOM (Kevin Buhr)
* Restore 10Mbit half duplex eepro100 fix (me)
* 3c509 full duplex and documentation (David Ruggiero)
* 3c509 power management (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Remove more surplus llseek methods (Robert Love)
X ATM locking fix (Frode Isaksen)
* Merge extra sound help texts (Steven Cole)
| plus one typo fix
* Add help for IXJ pcmcia configuration (Steven Cole, me)
| Rewrote the text somewhat

Linux 2.4.19pre2-ac2
- Fix a mismerge (may explain the patch weirdo)
* Fix highmem + sblive (Daniel Bertrand)
* Reiserfs updates (Oleg Drokin)
* Auto enable HT on HT capable systems (Arjan van de Ven)
- Fix init/do_mounts O(1) scheduler merge glitch (Greg Louis)
o Fix drm build problem on CPU=386 (Mark Cooke)
* Fix incorrect sleep in ZR36067 driver (me)
* Add missing cpu_relax to iph5526 driver (me)

Linux 2.4.19pre2-ac1
* Merge aic7xxx update (Justin Gibbs)
* Fix handling of scsi 'medium error: recovered' (Justin Gibbs)
* Further request region fixups (Marcus Alanen)
* Add interlace/doublescan to voodoo1/2 fb driver (Urs Ganse)
| interlace is always handy with 3d glasses..
o Merge O(1) scheduler (Ingo Molnar)
| Thanks to Martin Knoblauch for doing the merge work
| Non x86 ports may need to clean up their mm/fault.c
* Lseek usage cleanup (Robert Love)
o Merge with 2.4.19pre2
- Fixed bogus sysctl definitions
- Fixed incorrect MODULE_LICENSE backout
- Fixed gratuitous supercede spelling change
- Fixed double patches from mips people
- Fixed incorrect link order from mips people
- Fixed broken config rules from mips people
- Made cciss build
- Remove half written "meth.c" driver
* Fix up some of the watchdog api text (me)
| Janitor job - go through that and make all the drivers
| support all the things ('V' NOWAYOUT and ioctl core)
* Fix wrong order in MAINTAINERS (me)
* Remove roadrunner reference from MAINTAINERS (me)

Linux 2.4.19pre1-ac2
* Fix chown/chmod on shmemfs (me)
* Fix accounting error in the shm code (me)
o Turn on mode2/mode3 overcommit protection (me)
* w83877f watchdog fix compile for SMP (Mark Cooke)
* Fix ide=nodma for serverworks (Ken Brownfield)
* USB2 controller support (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Add more devices to the visor driver (m515,clie)(Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* IBM USB camera driver updates (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* USB auerswald driver (Wolfgang Muees)
* Trivial random match up with 2.2 (Marco Colombo)
* Spelling fixes (Jim Freeman)
* Next batch of time_*() fixups (Tim Schmielau)
* Update video4linux API docs (Gerd Knorr)
* Merge some comment fixups (John Kim)
* ymfpci sync (Pete Zaitcev)
* Update maintainers to add pm3fb (Romain DOLBEAU)
* Hotplug updates (docs, fs, compaq driver) (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* IBM hotplug support (Irene Zubarev, Tong Yu, Jyoti Shah, Chuck Cole)
* ACPI hotplug driver support (Hiroshi Aono, Takayoshi Kochi)
* Blink keyboard lights on x86 panic (Andi Kleen)
* Further changes (Steven Cole)
o Merge a version of the sard I/O accounting (Stephen Tweedie,
Christoph Hellwig)
* SC1200 watchdog driver (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Fix address ordering for 36bit MCE on x86 (Dave Jones)

Linux 2.4.19pre1-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.19-pre1

Linux 2.4.18-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.18 proper
o Add missing -rc4 diff
o Use attribute notifiers to account shmemfs (me)
o Initial luxsonor LS220/LS240 driver code (me)
| This is just setup code and only in the tree because
| its where I keep my hacks in progress

Linux 2.4.18rc2-ac2
o Fix a corruption problem in the jfs dir table (Dave Kleikamp)
o Fix trap when extending a single extent of (Dave Kleikamp)
over 64Gb in JFS
* NBD deadlock fix (Steven Whitehouse)
* Fix device ref counting in netrom stack (Tomi Manninen)
* Fix shmemfs link counting (Christoph Rohland)
* Fix potential scsi disk oops (Peter Wong)
* eepro100 carrier init fix (Jeff Garzik)
* Fix wrong kfree in netrom stack (Tomi Manninen)
* Add TI1250 inits to ZV bus support (me)
| Zoom video now works on the IBM TP600 at least..
* Fix off by one on loop devices limit (Heinz Mauelshagen)
X Improve handling of psaux open with no mouse (Christoph Hellwig)
* 3COM 3c359 token ring driver (Mike Phillips)
* Fix a case where hpfs didnt set block size (Chris Mason)
early enough
* Remove use of lock_kernel in softdog driver (me)
* Make olympic driver use spinlocks not (Mike Phillips)
+ Fix type of detected devices in md.c (Jakob Kemi)
* Changes and defconfig update (Niels Jensen)
o PNP BIOS driver updates (Thomas Hood)
* Turn off excess printks in pnp quirk reporting (Andrey Panin)
* Add documentation for ITE I2C (Steven Cole)
* Add documentation for other zoran cards (Steven Cole)
* Add an SC520 watchdog, and enable wd8387ff (Scott Jennings)
* Cleaned up and fixed some SC520 watchdog bugs (me)
| Scott - can you double check these
* Fix return on generic lib/string.c memcmp (Georg Nikodym)
* Further zoom video cleanups (me)

Linux 2.4.18rc2-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.18rc2
* Ignore i810 modem codecs (me)
o Core of address space accounting code (me)
| Enforcement, ptrace and some shmem corner bits to do
* Fix security hole in shmfs (me)
o Fix various bits of 64bit file I/O in shmem (me)
o Merge with rmap12f (Rik van Riel and co)

Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac4
* SIS IDE driver update (handle with care) (Lionel Bouton)
* First set of I2O endian cleanups (me)
* Make i2o_pci.c 64bit/BE clean (me)
* Maybe fix crash on i2o scsi abort/reset paths (me)
* Make i2o use the passed scsi direction flag (me)
* Fix awk failure path in menuconfig (Andrew Church)
* Merge varies doc updates (Steven Cole)
* Add serial support for the Lava Octopus-550 (Jim Treadway)
* OPL3SA2 cleanup (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o Add missing blkdev_varyio export (Todd Roy)
* Update Changes file, config and experimental (Niels Jensen)
* Fix highmem warning in aacraid (Andrew Morton)
* Make tpqic02 use new style request region (Marcus Alanen)
* Only turn off mediagx/geode TSC on 5510/5520 (me)
| From information provided by Hiroshi MIURA
* Massively clean up the AGP enable and bugfix it (Bjorn Helgaas)
* Fix oops if you try to use the RW wq locks (Bob Miller)
* Remove FPU usage in neomagic fb (Denis Kropp)
o Merge IBM JFS (Steve Best, Dave Kleikamp,
Barry Arndt, Christoph Hellwig, ..)
* Updated sis frame buffer driver (Thomas Winischhofer)

Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac3
* Clean up various macros and misuse of ; (Timothy Ball)
* Correct procfs locking fixup (Al Viro)
o Speed up ext2/ext3 synchronous mounts (Andrew Morton)
* Update IDE DMA blacklist (Jonathan Kamens)
o Update to XFree86 DRM 4.2 (compatible to 4.1) (Rik Faith,
and adds I830 DRM Jeff Hartmann,
Keith Whitwell,
Abraham vd Merwe
and others)
* IBM Lanstreamer updates (Mike Phillips)
* Fix acct rlimit problem (I hope) (me)
| Problem noted by Ian Allen
o Automatically set file limits based on mem size (Andi Kleen)
* Correct scsi reservation conflict handling (James Bottomley)
and add the scsi reset api code
o Add further kernel docs (me)
o Merge to rmap-12e (Rik van Riel and co)
|merge patch from Nick Orlov
* Small fix to the eata driver update (Dario Ballabio)

Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac2
* Nat Semi now use their own ident on the Geode (Hiroshi Miura)
* Put #error in two files that need FPU fixups (me)
* Correct a specific mmap return to match posix (Christopher Yeoh)
* Add Eepro100/VE ident (Hanno Boeck)
* Add provides for DRM to the kernel make rpm (Alexander Hoogerhuis)
* Fix a problem where vm86 irq releasing could be (Stas Sergeev)
* EATA and U14/34F driver updates (Dario Ballabio)
* Handle EMC storage arrays that report SCSI-2 (Kurt Garloff)
but want REPORT_LUNs
* Update README, defconfig, remove autogen files (Niels Jensen)
* Add AFAVLAB PCI serial support (Harald Welte)
* Fix incorrect resource free in eexpress (Gianluca Anzolin)
o Variable size rawio optimisations (Badari Pulavarty)
* Add AT's compatible 8139 cardbus chip (Go Taniguchi)
* Fix crash with newest hpt ide chips (Arjan van de Ven)
* Fix tiny SMP race in pid selection (Erik Hendriks)
o Hopefully fix pnpbios crash caused by early (me)
kernel_thread creation

Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac1
o Initial merge of DVD card driver (Christian Wolff,Marcus Metzler)
| This is just an initial testing piece. DVB needs merging
| properly and this is only a first bit of testing
* Random number generator support for AMD768 (me)
* Add AMD768 to i810 driver pci ident list (me)
o Initial AMD768 power management work (me)
| Unfinished pending some docs clarifications
* Fix bugbuf mishandling for modular es1370 (me)
* Fix up i2o readl abuse, post_wait race, and (me, Arjan van de Ven)
some deadlock cases
* Added cpu_relax to yam driver (me)
* Fixup AMD762 if the BIOS apparently got it wrong(me)
(eg ASUS boards)
* MP1.4 alignment fixup
* pcwd cleanup, backport of fixes from 2.5 (Rob Radez)
* Add support for more Moxa cards to mxser (Damian Wrobel)
* Add remaining missing MODULE_LICENSE tags (Hubert Mantel)
* Fix floppy reservation ranges (Anton Altaparmakov)
* Fix max file size setup (Andi Kleen)

Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac3
* Fix a wrong error return in the megaraid driver (Arjan van de Ven)
* FreeVXFS update (Christoph Hellwig)
* Qnxfs update (Anders Larsen)
o Fix non compile with PCI=n (Adrian Bunk)
- Fix DRM 4.0 non compile in i810 (me)
* Drop out now dead CLONE thread/parent fixup (Dave McCracken)
* Make NetROM incoming frame check stricter (Tomi Manninen)
* Use sock_orphan in AX.25/NetROM (Jeroen PE1RXQ)
* Pegasus update (Petko Manolov)
o Make reparent_to_init and exec_usermodehelper (Andrew Morton)
use set_user, fix a tiny set_user SMP race
* Mark framebuffer mappings VM_IO (Andrew Morton)
* Neomagic frame buffer driver (Denis Kropp)
- Needs FPU code fixing before it can be merged
* Hyperthreading awareness for MTRR driver
* Correct NR_IRQ with no apic support (Brian Gerst)
* Fix missing includes in sound drivers (Michal Jaegermann)

Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac2
* i810 audio driver update (Doug Ledford)
* Early ioremap for x86 specific code (Mikael Pettersson)
| This is needed to do things like apic/dmi detect early enough
* Pentium IV APIC/NMI watchdog (Mikael Pettersson)
* Add C1MRX support to sonypi driver (Junichi Morita)
* Fix "make rpm" with two '-' in extraversion (Gerald Britton)
* Fix aacraid hang/irq storm on i960 boards (Chris Pascoe)
* Fix isdn audio compiler behaviour dependancy (Urs Thuermann)
* YAM driver fixes (Jean-Paul Roubelat)
* ROSE protocol stack update/fixes (Jean-Paul Roubelat)
* Fix UFS/CDROM oops (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Fix nm256 hang on Dell Latitude (origin unknown)
| Please test this tree with other NM256 based boxes and check
| those still work...
o Merge PnPBIOS patch (Thomas Hood, David Hinds, Tom Lees,
Christian Schmidt, ..)
* Merge new sis frame buffer drivers (Thomas Winischhofer)
* cs46xx oops fix (Mike Gorse)
* Fix a second cs46xx bug related to this (me)
* Fix acpitable oopses on boot and other problems (James Cleverdon)
* Fix io port type on the hpt366 driver (Pete Popov)
* Updated matrox drivers (Petr Vandrovec)
* IPchains fixes needed for 2.4.18pre7
* IDE config text updates for the IDE patches (Anton Altaparmakov)
* Merge the first bits of ZV support (Marcus Metzler)
* Add initial ZV support to yenta socket driver (me)
for TI cards
* Fix pirq routing on the CS5530 (me)
| Finally the palmax pcmcia/cardbus works properly

Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.18pre7 (Arjan van de Ven)
| + some quota fixups redone by me
| several 18pre7 netfilter bugs left unfixed for now
o Rmap-12a (Rik van Riel and co)

Linux 2.4.18pre3-ac2

* Re-merge the IDE patches (Andre Hedrick and co)
* Fix check/request region in ali_ircc and lowcomx(Steven Walter)
com90xx, sealevel, sb1000
* Remove unused message from 6pack driver (Adrian Bunk)
* Fix unused variable warning in i60scsi (Adrian Bunk)
* Fix off by one floppy oops (Keith Owens)
* Fix i2o_config use of undefined C (Andreas Dilger)
* Fix fdomain scsi oopses (Per Larsson)
* Fix sf16fmi hang on boot (me)
+ Add bridge resources to the resource tree (Ivan Kokshaysky)
* Fix iphase ATM oops on close in on case (Till Immanuel Patzschke)
* Enable OOSTORE on winchip processors (Dave Jones, me)
| Worth about 10-20% performance
* Code Page 1250 support (Petr Titera)
* Fix sdla and hpfs doc typos (Sven Vermeulen)
o Document /proc/stat (Sven Heinicke)
* Update cs4281 drivers (Tom Woller)
| Fixes xmms stutter, remove wrapper code
| handle tosh boxes, allow record device change
| trigger wakeups on ioctl triggered changes
+/o/X Fix locking of file struct stuff found by ibm (Dipankar Sarma)
o Use spin_lock_init in serial.c (Dave Miller)
* Fix AF_UNIX shutdown bug (Dave Miller)

Linux 2.4.18pre3-ac1

o 32bit uid quota
o rmap-11b VM (Rik van Riel,
William Irwin etc)
* Make scsi printer visible (Stefan Wieseckel)
* Report Hercules Fortissimo card (Minya Sorakinu)
* Fix O_NDELAY close mishandling on the following (me)
sound cards: cmpci, cs46xx, es1370, es1371,
esssolo1, sonicvibes
* tdfx pixclock handling fix (Jurriaan)
* Fix mishandling of file system size limiting (Andrea Arcangeli)
* generic_serial cleanups (Rasmus Andersen)
o serial.c locking fixes for SMP - move from cli (Kees)
* Truncate fixes from old -ac tree (Andrew Morton)
* Hopefully fix the i2o oops (me)
| Not the right fix but it'll do till I rewrite this
* Fix non blocking tty blocking bug (Peter Benie)
o IRQ routing workaround for problem HP laptops (Cory Bell)
* Fix the rcpci driver (Pete Popov)
* Fix documentation of aedsp location (Adrian Bunk)
* Fix the worst of the APM ate my cpu problems (Andreas Steinmetz)
* Correct icmp documentation (Pierre Lombard)
* Multiple mxser crash on boot fix (Stephan von Krawczynski)
o ldm header fix (Anton Altaparmakov)
* Fix unchecked kmalloc in i2c_proc (Ragnar Hojland Espinosa)
* Fix unchecked kmalloc in airo_cs (Ragnar Hojland Espinosa)
* Fix unchecked kmalloc in btaudio (Ragnar Hojland Espinosa)
* Fix unchecked kmalloc in qnx4/inode.c (Ragnar Hojland Espinosa)
* Disable DRM4.1 GMX2000 driver (4.0 required) (me)
* Fix sb16 lower speed limit bug (Jori Liesenborgs)
* Fix compilation of orinoco driver (Ben Herrenschmidt)
* ISAPnP init fix (Chris Rankin)
o Export release_console_sem (Andrew Morton)
* Output nat crash fix (Rusty Russell)
* Fix PLIP (Niels Jensen)
* Natsemi driver hang fix (Manfred Spraul)
* Add mono/stereo reporting to gemtek pci radio (Jonathan Hudson)

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