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SubjectRE: [patch] PCI Cleanup

> ACPI needs access to PCI config space, and it doesn't have a struct pci_dev
> to pass to access functions. It doesn't look like your patch exposes an
> interface that 1) doesn't require a pci_dev and 2) abstracts the PCI config
> access method, does it?

I think your dependencies are backwards. IIRC, and based on a recent
conversation, ACPI needs to access PCI config space when ACPI finds a
_INI method for a device in the ACPI namespace. That assumes that it can
access the root bus that the device is on.

You don't have a PCI device because you haven't implement lockstep
enumeration yet in ACPI. With lockstep enumeration, you would add devices
to the device tree and let the bus drivers initialize them. With a bit a
glue, you would have a pointer to the PCI device correlating to the ACPI
namespace object, and a pointer to the PCI bus on which each PCI
device/namespace object resides.

To spell it out a bit more explicitly, you would start to parse the ACPI
namespace and find a Host/PCI bridge. You would tell the PCI subsystem to
probe for a device at that address. It would come back successful, and you
would obtain a pointer to that bridge device (and bus object). For all the
subordinate devices to that bridge, you then have access to the config
space via a real struct pci_bus.

There is no need to modify the PCI interface to support a fake device. The
PCI driver needs to be able to add and probe for devices as dictated by
someone else, but it's not that difficult.

If you remember, I sent you a patch that did most of this about 5 months
ago. It's a bit out of date, and I guarantee that it doesn't apply
anymore. But the concept is the same: we should fix the drivers, not hack
them to support a broken interface.


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