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SubjectRe: [patch] printk from userspace
Alexander Viro wrote:
> I have a better suggestion. How about we make write(2) on /dev/console to
> act as printk()? IOW, how about making _all_ writes to console show up in
> dmesg?
> Then we don't need anything special to do logging _and_ we get output
> of init scripts captured. For free. dmesg(8) would pick that up, klogd(8)
> will work as is, etc.

/dev/console is probably unsuitable for this (/dev/console is an
interactive device), but something like /dev/kmsg would probably be a
good idea -- it can also replace /proc/kmsg.

However, Andrew's sys_syslog() change does what I need, since users are
used to calling syslog(3) to log messages anyway.


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