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Subjectframebuffer corruption
Kernel 2.5.31, VESA framebuffer, 1280x1024x16, SiS5597 chipset, 3Mb shared 
video memory from a pool of 32Mb main memory (yuck).

When changing virtual consoles, I notice the contents of the screen shift up
about two text lines (unsure of exact amount), and it doesn't reset itself
until the screen has a reason to scroll. A ^L (clear) doesn't reset the
screen, though I notice that if I hit <Enter> at the bottom of the screen,
that seems to do the trick. It's like the kernel is aiming for a refresh, but
not quite getting the location right, though another console scroll seems to
do the trick.

Something else that might be related is that I have spot corruption of various
characters (only the occasional one) - like, one of my 's' looks like a cross
between an o, an s, and an e - the character two spaces before is supposed to
be blank, but looks like it has the first part of an o. Wierd. These clear
when I change the screen in appreciable manner, such as a program close (pine).

I'm noticing the refreshes look REALLY wierd every few lines or so - like the
refresh has been shifted a few lines up, then it resets itself - things look
REALLY jumpy.

Anyway, I'll send this off.

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