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    SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] Re: [patch] config language dep_* enhancements
    Peter Samuelson wrote:
    > [Greg Banks]
    > > > > + 2 CONFIG_KMOD
    > > > > + 2 CONFIG_MODULES
    > > > > + 2 CONFIG_MODVERSIONS
    > > > > 2 CONFIG_RTC
    > > >
    > > > What does that mean? All I did there was to combine two toplevel
    > > > menus into one. Did this do something bad?
    > >
    > > Apparently. In the stock kernel:
    > >
    > > warning:arch/mips/"CONFIG_KMOD" has overlapping definitions
    > > warning:init/ of previous definition
    > > warning:arch/parisc/"CONFIG_KMOD" has overlapping definitions
    > > warning:init/ of previous definition
    > Weird. These should have triggered all along - any idea why they
    > didn't?

    Because you moved the items to a menu with a different name.

    GCML2 issues the overlapping-definitions warning if the same item appears
    twice in such a way that both definitions can be visible at the same time.
    A sub-case is where the item appears twice unconditionally in the same menu,
    which was happening before your change. Another sub-case is where the item
    appears twice unconditionally in different menus, which happened after your
    change. Hence overlapping-definitions warnings for CONFIG_KMOD et al did not
    appear in the diff of summaries.

    GCML2 issues the different-parent warning when an item appears in two
    different menu parents, regardless of conditions. Before your change, the
    two identically named menus were merged into one node (this behaviour is
    very necessary for reasons too complex to go into here) so the two definitions
    of CONFIG_KMOD had the same parent. After your change, they had different
    parents, hence the new warnings.

    > Well, they're fixed in my tree. It looks [trivial], but this one
    > makes me uneasy. I mean, it's such an obvious bug - the toplevel
    > "Loadable module support" menu appears twice - that I almost think it
    > was somehow intentional.

    There are many [trivial] errors. My favourite is CONFIG_SOUND_CMPCI_FMIO.

    > > Did I mention Gordian knot?
    > Yes, I believe you did. Does that make ESR Alexander the Great? (:

    Given the noise of his arrival and the speed of his departure...Darius.

    > > related to's using the same banner for a menu and a
    > > comment.
    > mainmenu_option next_comment ... now *there's* a bit of syntax that
    > needs to change. Even config-language.txt agrees.

    That would be great, but the problem is related to the way comments are
    defined in CML2, which doesn't quite fit in CML1.

    the price of civilisation today is a courageous willingness to prevail,
    with force, if necessary, against whatever vicious and uncomprehending
    enemies try to strike it down. - Roger Sandall, The Age, 28Sep2001.
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