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SubjectRe: [patch] config language dep_* enhancements
On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Greg Banks wrote:

> Peter Samuelson wrote:
> >
> > [Greg Banks]
> > > Does "complete" mean all the ports have also made the change and
> > > been merged back?
> > [...]
> > Actually I suspect it would be more like the C99 thing: after the new
> > syntax is added, we start doing [TRIVIAL] patches to clean out the
> > old, and eventually once that is done we have the option of removing
> > the old syntax or leaving it in as a known oddity. [...]

Well, I think when the switch does not change any behavior, it's actually
okay to get it over with in one large but trivial patch. The other
approach would be to give the new syntax the new behavior, and do the
actual switch piecemeal, checking and fixing dep_* statements as they get

It'd be nice to introduce a warning for statements where the old syntax is
used, but that seems not possible at least in Configure, since I think
statements like

dep_tristate '...' CONFIG_FOO m

should remain valid.

> #
> # Testing mixed overlap, type 1
> # (mixed overlap, define first, query conditional, same menu)
> #
> mainmenu_option next_comment
> comment 'xconfig needs this menu'
> define_bool CONFIG_QUUX y
> bool 'Set this symbol to ON' CONFIG_FOO
> if [ "$CONFIG_FOO" = "y" ]; then
> bool 'Here QUUX is a query symbol' CONFIG_QUUX
> fi
> endmenu

Well, it's a bug.

Setting CONFIG_QUUX to "y" when CONFIG_FOO is "n" can be done in
an else clause to the if statement. If you want to set a default, that's
what defconfig is for.

What's nice is that you identified so many problematic cases already, so
fixing shouldn't be hard. It may still make sense to add code to
"Configure" which recognizes a redefinition and complains or even aborts.


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