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    SubjectRe: [NFS] General network slowness on SIS 530 with eepro100
    >>>>> " " == Christian Reis <> writes:

    > Helle there,

    > I've been, for the past days, setting up a fairly big diskless
    > network based on Linux. I've chosen to use 2.4.19 as the kernel
    > because there were some hardware requirements, and for most of
    > the newer boxes, it runs fine. However, for three of the older
    > boxes, we have had some pretty odd performance and stability
    > issues. This message is about the latest one, which is an ASUS
    > P5S-B (has the infamous SIS 530 chipset) on an intel eepro100
    > card. Details:

    Is all this NFS over UDP? If so, numbers should not really have
    changed in 2.4.19 ( - yes my patchset changes things, but stock 2.4.19
    should not be too different w.r.t 2.4.18)

    Are you able to determine where in the 2.4.19-pre series the
    performance dies?

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