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SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] Re: [patch] config language dep_* enhancements
Peter Samuelson wrote:
> (BTW, the format is great - I can use 'M-x compile' and 'M-x
> next-error' and Emacs pulls up files and lines for me.)

This is not a coincidence.

> CONFIG_SCSI should be defined earlier, like in the "Block Devices"
> menu. Then again, 'sg' is not a block device so this isn't strictly
> correct. Perhaps a "kernel subsystems" submenu under "general setup",
> or even as a toplevel menu.

Sounds like a good idea. You could put CONFIG_SERIAL and CONFIG_PCMCIA
in there too.

> CONFIG_INPUT - arch/{alpha,mips,mips64}/ are broken. There's
> a comment in other arch/*/ files to the effect that
> drivers/input/ must come before drivers/usb/input/
> These 3 explicitly do the opposite.

There are many broken things about the arch toplevel config.ins, mostly
due to them starting life as copy-n-paste jobs from arch/i386/
and then slowly diverging. A brief sampling from my bugs list...

Defined in arch/ppc/ as "define_bool CONFIG_KERNEL_ELF y".
Specified in a large number of ppc defconfigs.
Not used anywhere in the source.
Appears to be an obsolete artifact.

Defined in arch/mips/ as "define_bool CONFIG_ELF_KERNEL y".
Specified in a large number of mips defconfigs.
Not used anywhere in the source.
Appears to be an obsolete artifact.

* arch/ia64/ has this:

if [ "$CONFIG_DEVFS_FS" = "y" ]; then
bool ' Enable DEVFS Debug Code' CONFIG_DEVFS_DEBUG n

but why!?!? Not only does this have a bogus third argument as
if it were dep_bool, but it defines a symbol already defined
over in fs/, which is *included* from this

* Most architectures have two global menus "General setup", one from
their own arch/foo/, one from init/

* One of these two correctly describes the device(s) it supports:

arch/m68k/ dep_tristate 'A2091 WD33C93A support' CONFIG_A2091_SCSI $CONFIG_SCSI
drivers/scsi/ dep_tristate 'A2091/A590 WD33C93A support' CONFIG_A2091_SCSI $CONFIG_SCSI

* What's the story with CONFIG_ALPHA_EV56? It's defined as a symbol
three times in arch/alpha/ with different banners:

bool 'EV56 CPU (speed >= 333MHz)?' CONFIG_ALPHA_EV56
bool 'EV56 CPU (speed >= 366MHz)?' CONFIG_ALPHA_EV56
bool 'EV56 CPU (speed >= 400MHz)?' CONFIG_ALPHA_EV56

* WTF?!? arch/cris/drivers/bluetooth/Makefile has an install: target
which actually hacks and Makefile in other directories!?!?!

* There's a fair bit of confusion between the architectures about

---- ------- ---------
alpha 1
arm 1
cris 1
i386 1
ia64 1
m68k 1
mips64 2 4
mips 3
parisc 1
ppc64 2 5
ppc 3
s390 1
s390x 1 6
sh 1
sparc64 2 5
sparc 1
x86_64 1

1='Kernel support for ELF binaries'
2='Kernel support for 64-bit ELF binaries'
5='Kernel support for 32-bit ELF binaries'
6='Kernel support for 31 bit ELF binaries'

Note that the interpretation of CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF appears to be
"support for largest-ELF" but some 64 bit platforms present this
to the user as explicitly "64-bit" while other 64 bit platforms
don't seem to care. The 32-bit platforms just pretend there's
no such thing as 64-bits.

> CONFIG_SOUND_GAMEPORT - defined in drivers/input/gameport/, used only
> in sound/oss/. I'm not sure what's going on here


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