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SubjectUML 2.5.31
UML has been updated to 2.5.31 and UML 2.4.18-52.

The changes since 2.5.30 have been mostly bug fixes and cleanups.

I fixed a "I'm tracing myself and can't get out" race.

The kernel entry and exit code was cleaned up and reduced from three copies
to one.

telnetd is now killed when UML shuts down, so telnet connections to UML
consoles die properly.

Fixed a crash caused by a non-GFP_ATOMIC allocation in an interrupt.

UML now exits when 'debug' is asked for and CONFIG_PT_PROXY is disabled.

Fixed some bugs in the ubd device plugging code.

Fixed ethertap by making CLOEXEC optional in os_pipe.

Made UML build on 2.2 by defining the SHUT_* macros if no header file does.

The patch is available at

For the other UML mirrors and other downloads, see

Other links of interest:

The UML project home page :
The UML Community site :


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