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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] cdrom sane fallback vs 2.4.20-pre1
    From said:
    > and that's precisely the wrong attitude IMO.

    I wasn't expressing an opinion, just stating what could and could not be done
    in 2.4.

    > I was glad to see that Marcelo asked about the hardcoded values. They
    > hurt.

    Well, this is a rather big and particularly rancid can of worms. If you look
    a little further, you'll see that cdrom.h has its own definition of the
    (effectively SCSI) struct request_sense that sr.c uses, yet the sense key is
    defined in scsi/scsi.h. Then you notice that cdrom.h also duplicates all of
    the scsi commands with a GPCMD_ prefix.

    If you'd like to take this particular can of worms off somewhere, clean it out
    and return it neatly labelled, I'd be more than grateful...just don't take the
    lid off too close to me.


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