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    SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] Re: [patch] config language dep_* enhancements

    [Greg Banks]
    > Ok, here it is.

    Thanks again. It will take some time to double-check what I termed
    the "false positives", but now you've reduced the "interesting cases"
    down to 30 symbols.

    (BTW, the format is great - I can use 'M-x compile' and 'M-x
    next-error' and Emacs pulls up files and lines for me.)

    Here are the problem cases - things known to break with my proposed
    'n'=='' - and my proposed solutions. I'll see if I can roll a patch
    later today:

    CONFIG_SCSI should be defined earlier, like in the "Block Devices"
    menu. Then again, 'sg' is not a block device so this isn't strictly
    correct. Perhaps a "kernel subsystems" submenu under "general setup",
    or even as a toplevel menu.

    CONFIG_I2C and CONFIG_USB are also widely used outside their own
    subtrees. They should probably go in with the "kernel subsystems"
    menu along with CONFIG_SCSI.

    CONFIG_PROC_FS is needed by ISDN hysdn. That's actually in my opinion
    more of a "general kernel facility" than a filesystem. Eh?

    Then again it could be said that requiring CONFIG_PROC_FS is actually
    a design bug in hysdn - does the driver *really* need CONFIG_PROC_FS?
    Everything else in the kernel seems to cope without it. Granted,
    non-/proc kernels are not widely tested.... Kai?

    CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI - interestingly, CONFIG_HYSDN_CAPI, which is under
    the menu "Old ISDN4Linux (obsolete)" seems to require CAPI 2.0. I
    suppose the CAPI stuff should come first in drivers/isdn/

    CONFIG_SOUND_ACI_MIXER - the miroSOUND radio driver wants something
    from OSS sound. Really I think sound/ "Sound Card Support"
    should be moved to a sub-menu of drivers/media/ "Multimedia

    CONFIG_INPUT - arch/{alpha,mips,mips64}/ are broken. There's
    a comment in other arch/*/ files to the effect that
    drivers/input/ must come before drivers/usb/input/
    These 3 explicitly do the opposite.

    CONFIG_SOUND_GAMEPORT - defined in drivers/input/gameport/, used only
    in sound/oss/. I'm not sure what's going on here - why a separate
    define (there is also CONFIG_GAMEPORT), and why do some sound cards
    require its presence? Also I'm a bit suspicious of the logic in
    drivers/input/gameport/ - it's either buggy, or way too clever.

    This one is just confusing. Not sure what to recommend. I'll
    probably have to stare at the Makefiles and the C for awhile to see
    what's actually going on.
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