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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.31 add one help text to drivers/atm/
This adds a help text to drivers/atm/ for

This has been in the -dj tree since about 2.5.7.
The text was obtained from ESR's v2.97


--- linux-2.5.31/drivers/atm/ Mon Aug 12 11:06:38 2002
+++ linux-2.5.31/drivers/atm/ Mon Aug 12 11:08:49 2002
@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@
ATM over TCP driver. Useful mainly for development and for
experiments. If unsure, say N.

+ Supports ATM cards based on the Efficient Networks "Lanai"
+ chipset such as the Speedstream 3010 and the ENI-25p. The
+ Speedstream 3060 is currently not supported since we don't
+ have the code to drive the on-board Alcatel DSL chipset (yet).
Driver for the Efficient Networks ENI155p series and SMC ATM
Power155 155 Mbps ATM adapters. Both, the versions with 512KB and

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