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    SubjectRe: [patch] config language dep_* enhancements

    [Roman Zippel]
    > with the latest modifications this can be written as:
    > dep_tristate NEW !OLD
    > dep_tristate OLD !NEW
    > This still has the back reference and you have to run 'make config'
    > twice to change NEW from n to y.

    I don't see this as a big problem. Most people don't use the bare
    Configure script anyway, except for 'make oldconfig'.

    With the ! patch, Menuconfig does the right thing here.

    > It's possible to fix this:
    > tristate DRV
    > if [ DRV == y ]; then
    > choice OLD NEW
    > fi
    > if [ DRV == m ]; then
    > dep_tristate NEW DRV
    > dep_tristate OLD DRV
    > fi

    Simpler and perhaps more intuitive:

    tristate DRV
    dep_mbool DRV_OLD DRV

    dep_mbool COMMON_OPT DRV
    dep_mbool OLD_OPT1 DRV_OLD
    dep_mbool OLD_OPT2 DRV_OLD
    dep_mbool NEW_OPT1 DRV !DRV_OLD
    dep_mbool NEW_OPT2 DRV !DRV_OLD

    I don't see a real need for a separate symbol announcing DRV_NEW. Let
    the Makefile cope.

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