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Subjectremove_proc_entry behaviour
Hello linux-kernel,

I'm writing a patch that uses proc filesystem, and allows creating
entries in one of /proc subdirectory. They are created by proc_mkdir
and proc_symlink. But there is a problem when they are to be removed.
I use remove_proc_entry. They are deleted, but I get the message:

remove_proc_entry: lease/test busy, count=1
de_put: deferred delete of test

I found that first line is generated by the following code in

if (!atomic_read(&de->count))
else {
de->deleted = 1;
printk("remove_proc_entry: %s/%s busy, count=%d\n",
parent->name, de->name, atomic_read(&de->count));

The presence of printk suggests that something goes wrong. Is it true?
What is the proper way of removing proc entry that wouldn't generate
this message? I get it although I'm sure that entry isn't used by
anything else...


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