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    SubjectRe: Bugs in 2.5.28 [scsi/framebuffer/devfs/floppy/ntfs/trident]
    James Simmons [Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 10:22:05AM -0700]:
    > > Just wanted to report of the following problems:
    > >
    > > Compile Problems when selecting the following:
    > > - Selected PCMCIA-SCSI
    > Been broken. A new driver is being worked on.

    good to know. I don't use it anyways, just wanted to report.

    > > - Selected Framebuffer -> Aty128fb

    btw, this fb driver seems to be really experimental or beta, as it does
    nothing when loading on a mobility chip.

    > > Other bugs:
    > > - devfs init is still missing -> /dev/vc/0 is the only console.
    > Ug. That is partially fixed. I did get the other vc/X but only root can
    > access them. I have to talk to linus about the best solution here.

    What about the patch with con_init_devfs(); ? Isn't that simple and stupid
    enough to use ? [this is the only way I can work with those kernels right


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