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Subjectnetwork driver informations [general NIC, Wireless and e100]

I recently tried the e100 driver and was happy that it reports
if there is a connection and speed and so on.

But should these informations not be reported through /proc-fs ?
I think this would make it easier for programs to monitor connection
status. We could even have a small red/green light in the KDE panel
to display connection status for different cards.

The point in fact is, looking into dmesg for connection status is definitly
wrong IMHO. It's neither a clean access nor easy to watch for applications.

So what do you think about /proc/net/<DEVNAME> support for status ?

As far as I can see this is partly implemented in /proc/net/wireless
or in /proc/net/dev.
Adding another column in the latter would do the job, too.

Anyways, just an idea.

Hope to hear your critics,


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