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Subjectfreezing afer switching from graphical to console

since 2.4.17 I have got a problem: trying to switch from graphical
screen to console or to stop my X-session my box freezes. The screen
gets black and nothing more happens. Pressing any keys or trying to
switch to another console the box does not do anything. Only o cold
restart brings the box up again.

Hardware is a MSI6126 with a 440bx chipset. The processor is a 400 MHZ
Celeron on a MS6905 ppga 370 to slot 1 cpu converter. In former times
there were 256MB RAM in there but I got a lot of segfaults during
compiling the kernel. So i removed 128MB and now compiling runs fine.
So I don't think it might be a hardware failure?!

Problems had be seen very often with kernel 2.4.18, now with 2.4.19-rc1
not as often as before. That means: it happens maybe 1 or 2 times a
week. The box is shutted down every day.

Are there any hints for solving this problem?

best regards,
Windmuehlenweg 22 07907 Schleiz
mobil: +491628955029

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