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Subject[OT] Re: freezing afer switching from graphical to console wrote:

>>since 2.4.17 I have got a problem: trying to switch from graphical
>>screen to console or to stop my X-session my box freezes. The screen
>>gets black and nothing more happens. Pressing any keys or trying to
>This only happens to me if I load the NVidia drivers if you are using
>them that could be you
How bizzarre - I've never seen that
with the nvidia drivers - I gave away
an ATI card to a windoze user since
the ATI DRI would hard lock the box.

(I know, help is on the way, but I had
an immediate need!)

Since switching to a GeForce 2, there
have been no problems whatsoever.

When you say "that only happens" if
you "load the nvidia drivers", do you
mean to say that you only see that
freeze if you run X windows? Or, that
you see it only if you enable DRI?

Lots of things beside nvidia to blame,
if we are on a witchhunt....


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