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SubjectRe: lock_kernel check...
dan carpenter wrote:
> is from the scripts page. Smatch is a
> really unfinished code checker that I've been working on. It is
> based on reading the papers about the Stanford checker.

There was a time when I was thinking about the same thing. It kept
scaring me the more I thought about it.

> Unfortunately, after a night of sleep I realize that my script is
> broken for 2 reasons. 1) is meant to track state changes
> down different code paths. But unfortunately it wasn't doing that
> in this case; it was just going down the code without taking into
> consideration any if_stmts etc. I'm extremely embarassed about
> that. Sorry.

Don't be sorry. The script is smarter than the people who caused the
errors. (once again, probably me)

> 2) What the Stanford checker does is print an error
> if one return_stmt is called while the kernel is locked and one is
> called while the kernel is unlocked. This seems reasonable.

Could you clarify that a bit?

> I will fix both mistakes later on this week. Unfortunately I'm in
> the process of moving and looking for a job etc so I might not get
> to it for a bit.

Dave Hansen

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