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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.5.22] simple ide-tape.c and ide-floppy.c cleanup
Użytkownik Eduard Bloch napisał:
> Why not another way round? Just make the ide-scsi driver be prefered,
> and hack ide-scsi a bit to simulate the cdrom and adv.floppy devices
> that are expected as /dev/hd* by some user's configuration?

This is the intention.

> To be honest - why keep ide-[cd,floppy,tape] when they can be almost
> completely replaced with ide-scsi? I know about only few cdrom devices
> that are broken (== not ATAPI compliant) but can be used with
> workarounds in the current ide-cd driver. OTOH many users do already
> need ide-scsi to access cd recorders and similar hardware, so they would
> benefit much more from having ide-scsi as default than few users of
> broken "atapi" drives.
> Other operating systems did switch to constitent (scsi-based) way of
> accessing all kinds of removable media drivers. Why does Linux have to
> keep a kludge, written years ago without having a good concept?
> Gruss/Regards,
> Eduard.

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