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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.5.22] simple ide-tape.c and ide-floppy.c cleanup

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Paul Bristow wrote:

> OK. I kept quiet while the IDE re-write went on so that when it was
> over I could fix up ide-floppy and start adding some of the requested
> features that were only really possible with the taskfile capabilities.
> But I have to jump in with the latest statements from Martin...


> Martin Dalecki wrote:
> >Użytkownik Eduard Bloch napisał:
> >
> >>Why not another way round? Just make the ide-scsi driver be prefered,
> >>and hack ide-scsi a bit to simulate the cdrom and adv.floppy devices
> >>that are expected as /dev/hd* by some user's configuration?
> >
> >This is the intention.

Bad intentions?

> >
> Since when? I thought Jens was in the process of getting rid of the
> ide-scsi kludge with his moves to support cd/dvd writing directly in
> ide-cd?

We should have generic packet command interface ATAPI/SCSI,
ide-cd and sr should care only about ATA(PI)/SCSI specifics.
Of course if this is possible...

> >>to be honest - why keep ide-[cd,floppy,tape] when they can be almost
> >>completely replaced with ide-scsi? I know about only few cdrom devices
> >>that are broken (== not ATAPI compliant) but can be used with
> >>workarounds in the current ide-cd driver. OTOH many users do already
> >>need ide-scsi to access cd recorders and similar hardware, so they would
> >>benefit much more from having ide-scsi as default than few users of
> >>broken "atapi" drives.
> >>
> >>
> OK. I would prefer though to take Linus's comment on board about
> unifying the removeable media interfaces. Be they IDE, SCSI, Firewire,
> USB, whatever. Let's try to make it something comprehensible for
> "normal humans", and don't say "let config scripts sort it out - I deal
> with many user help requests from broken configs.
> Please don't forget that
> a) some of the broken ide devices will still need fixes even if
> handled via ide-scsi (and yes, devices on the market today are still
> broken today)
> b) some features still need IDE commands (not ATAPI) which I hoped we
> would have done via taskfile - I guess this is tricky via ide-scsi
> c) getting ide-scsi working for PCMCIA devices is an absolute f*****g
> nightmare - for this reason alone I would keep ide-floppy
> d) many of these devices (LS120/LS240/Zip 100/250 etc) can and need to
> boot. I don't even know how to start doing this under ide-scsi in it's
> present form.
> The current system may be ugly, but if we have to break it in the name
> of progress we have at least to make the new, improved version work as
> well (and hopefully better) than the old one.

Fully agreed.

> >>Other operating systems did switch to constitent (scsi-based) way of
> >>accessing all kinds of removable media drivers. Why does Linux have to
> >>keep a kludge, written years ago without having a good concept?
> If we can address all these issues I will be extremely happy to helping
> create a sensible removeable media subsystem.
> --
> Paul
> Linux ide-floppy maintainer
> Email:
> Web:
> ICQ: 11965223


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