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SubjectRe: BKL removal
Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 07, 2002 at 11:06:32PM -0400, Alexander Viro wrote:
>>The thing being, if you are already contended you are playing "I'll release
>>CPU now" vs. "I'll spin in hope that contender will go away right now".
>>IOW, it's a win only if you get contention often and for short intervals.
>>Which is a very good indication that something is rotten with your locking
>>scheme. Like, say it, having lost the control over the amount of locks
>>as the result of brainde^Woverenthusiastic belief that fine-grained ==
>>good. With everything that follows from that...
> So let's get some numbers. It really shouldn't be hard to make our
> current semaphores spin a little before they sleep. If we get some
> numbers showing it does help then either we need this change in mainline
> or we need to fix our locking.

Sounds good to me. Do you have any code, or a workload that you know
will trigger it? I have a feeling that Specweb will probably show
this behavior, but I want something simpler.

Dave Hansen

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