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SubjectRe: BKL removal
Oliver Neukum wrote:
>>BKL use isn't right or wrong -- it isn't a case of creating a deadlock
>>or a race. I'm picking a relatively random function from "grep -r
>>lock_kernel * | grep /usb/". I'll show what I think isn't optimal
>>about it.
> Perhaps, we could agree that the BKL is used wrongly if it
> won't fulfill its presumed function, or fulfills another function
> than the obvious without a comment stating that, or fulfills
> a non obvious function without any comment ?

I wouldn't want to make comments the qualifier for correct use,
because that makes large chunks of the kernel "wrong" for lack of
comments. In a development series we also don't want to restrict
ourselves to changes of things that are wrong. We can also improve
things that are bad.

Dave Hansen

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