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    SubjectRe: BKL removal

    > > "up" is a local variable. There is no point in protecting its
    > > allocation. If the goal is to protect data inside "up", there should
    > > probably be a subsystem-level lock for all "struct uhci_hcd"s or a
    > > lock contained inside of the structure itself. Is this the kind of
    > > example you're looking for?
    > So the BKL isn't wrong here, but incorrectly used?

    The BKL, unless used unbalanced, can never cause a bug.
    It could be insufficient or superfluous, but never be really buggy in itself.

    > Is it really okay to "lock the whole kernel" because of one struct file?
    > This brings us back to spinlocks...
    > You're possibly right about this one. What did Greg K-H say?

    I don't speak for Greg, but in this example it could be dropped IMO.
    The spinlock protects the critical section anyway. As a rule, if you
    do a kmalloc without GFP_ATOMIC under BKL you are doing either insufficient
    locking (you may need a semaphore) or useless locking.

    This should have been posted on linux-usb long ago.


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