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SubjectRE: IBM Desktar disk problem?
Here's a good place to start:


Phil Randal
Network Engineer
Herefordshire Council
Hereford, UK

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Anton Altaparmakov []
> Sent: 05 July 2002 15:30
> To: Thunder from the hill
> Cc: Daniel Egger;;
> Subject: Re: IBM Desktar disk problem?
> At 15:03 05/07/02, Thunder from the hill wrote:
> >On 5 Jul 2002, Daniel Egger wrote:
> > > <advise>
> > > Buy decent drives, then get DriveFitnessTest (DFT) from
> their website
> > > and check the harddrives, note the TRC number, request an
> RMA on their
> > > website and ship the drives as soon as possible to IBM.
> Wait for the
> > > replacement drives and sell them ASAP on Ebay to some
> freaks who don't
> > > give a dime about data security.
> > > </advise>
> >
> >...and tell all the people who got a DTLA (because it's not
> as expensive
> >as others in some countries, mind France, USA, Germany) to drop their
> >disks if they want to use Linux, because we're too lazy to find a
> >solution. That might be cool to you, but we want HARDWARE SUPPORT for
> >Linux! That's why we're here.
> >
> >There _is_ a solution, we just have to find it.
> Um, the solution is already known. Upgrade the firmware on
> the drive, low
> level format if the drive thinks there are bad sectors, and
> be happy. At
> least it worked for me...
> The very first question when making a support call for my
> broken deathstar
> was "Have you installed the firmware update?" "No." "Download
> it here and
> install, come back if it still doesn't work."
> I never thought it would work but it did! It seems there is
> something wrong
> in the firmware the drives are shipped with and some
> suppliers obviously
> know this considering my experience... When I was running the
> DFT test
> utility it was telling me my drive is broken and needs to be
> returned.
> After the firmware update the same test utility passed all
> tests repeatedly!
> With 5 deathstars (one DTLA and four IC ones), all with
> firmware updates
> now, I have no problems and the oldest of the drives is now
> over 3 years
> old IIRC and some are pretty much in constant spun-up state
> since purchase...
> The only problem I can see is that IBM is not pushing people
> to apply the
> firmware updates. I have never been even able to find where
> to download
> them on the IBM website. - I downloaded them from the website
> of my supplier...
> Best regards,
> Anton
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> "I've not lost my mind. It's backed up on tape somewhere."
> - Unknown
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> Anton Altaparmakov <aia21 at> (replace at with @)
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