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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove BKL from driverfs
    CC'ing Al for comments...

    Greg KH wrote:
    > bleah, a proliferation of a zillion little spinlocks all across the
    > kernel is not my idea of fun :(

    A zillion locks each with a single purpose is a lot more fun than 1
    lock with a zillion different uses.

    > I don't know if a simple spinlock can help us here. Look at
    > driverfs_get_inode() and follow that into the vfs layer. Make sure all
    > of that is race safe (and isn't currently relying on the BKL.) I'll
    > defer to Al Viro's opinion about this, as I don't quite know all of the
    > side effects going on at this moment in time.

    OK, I agree a simple spinlock is not the way to go because I now see
    the sleepable operations in there. But, I don't think
    driverfs_get_inode() needs any more locking. The inode that it
    references is freshly allocated and my only concern would be about
    access from the inode_in_use list. Maybe down()ing i_sem will provide
    a bit more protection, but unless the access through inode_in_use is
    already a problem, i_sem isn't needed. Any thoughts, Al?

    Dave Hansen

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