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SubjectRe: Funding GPL projects or funding the GPL?
>>      Most of you, people, didn`t ever thought about the fact that the money
>> scheme
>> doesn`t simply work at all. That`s it.
>> It`s being a _very_ fundamental issue. Look at the history:
>> Money were invented as a human work equivalent. What it
>> became now - this exercise is for the reader.
> Money is not a human work equivalent. Money is a commodity that
>everyone will barter with. Making bartering more efficient.
> With pure barter you have to do something like:
>work -> stuff1 -> stuff2 ->stuff3 -> stuff you want.
>With money this usually becomes
work -> money -> stuff you want.

>> So the life shows that we cannot rely on the
>> money as a human work equivalent.

>This makes the assumption that all work is equally valuable. But you
>already made the assertion that a manager sitting around is not as
>a miner.
I`m sorry but you should forget that crap.
Humans are born for cooperation, otherwise
they seem not to survive.
And the said "work valuability" doesn`t seem to be a mental excuse
for the extreme success of selected individuals in society, does it?

We don`t want to reinvent the broken wheel, because all known
problems will arise then. Again.


Samium Gromoff

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