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SubjectRe: Bugs in 2.5.28 [scsi/framebuffer/devfs/floppy/ntfs/trident]
At 18:57 31/07/02, Nico Schottelius wrote:
>Just wanted to report of the following problems:
>Other bugs:
>- ntfs sometimes crashes the system: working on a loopback file caused
> ntfs to report corruptions in the file system and this hangs system
> completly.
>If you need more informations, just tell me. Currently I've some time
>to debug parts of the kernel.

I am interested in this ntfs report. Which way round was the loopback file?
I.e. did you mount: mount -t ntfs -o loop somefile_on_a_non_ntfs_partition
or did you mount: mount -t some_file_system -o loop

Can you send me the errors produced? If there is an oops, please decode and
send it, too.

Also it may be useful to have the debug output from ntfs (depending on what
the errors/oops say - they may be sufficient to pinpoint the problem), i.e.
enable debugging when configuring the kernel, and then as root do: echo 1 >
/proc/sys/fs/ntfs-debug. Note this will absolutely flood you with debug
output so the system will run slow as hell... So it is best to only enable
debug messages just before the error occurs if that is possible.



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