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SubjectRe: Funding GPL projects or funding the GPL?
Larry McVoy wrote:

> However, it doesn't work very well when the
>community beats you to hell for not being GPLed.
If you made your source code available so that it could be customized
then I would stop beating you for your license. As it is, any new
features have to get written by you, and I have requested a trivial to
author feature from you that I need and you haven't written despite your
promising to do so before I made the switch to bitkeeper. I don't at
all blame you for being busy, but if we had the source it would be 5
minutes for us to add the quite valuable to us feature.

Make your license charge for privacy but have the software come with
source code, and the license is brilliant. Otherwise, it is a source of
frustration, and yet another example of how software copyright is being
abused and twisted away from its original intent so as to permit
information to be hidden rather than published. In the long term, it is
the accumulation and compounding of knowledge that matters, not limited
time monopolization for 14 years (original length of copyrights), and
secret source code frustrates that.


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