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SubjectRe: 2.5.29: bug in ide and hd kernel option handling
Well, that would most likely be my fault.  I made some small changes to
the parameter parsing code recently.

> On my 486 test box (ISA/VLB only, CONFIG_PCI=n), passing any
> any ide or hd kernel option (like idebus=33) to 2.5.29 results
> in a kernel hang at boot: I get the initial "Uncompressing ..
> booting .." and then nothing.

The no display symptom makes sense if there's a problem in a setup
routine. These routines are called before console_init. Printk's
before console_init are queued up and only displayed after console_init
is called. If the kernel hangs before this point, nothing is displayed.

> With 2.5.27, the kernel instantly rebooted itself instead.

The changes went in in 2.5.27.

Can you please send my your .config file? I'll look at this tonight.



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