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SubjectRe: Funding GPL projects or funding the GPL?

On Sun, 28 Jul 2002, Daniel Mose wrote:

> Hi to u all!
> It's funny how some things seem to pop in to peoples minds
> almost simultainously. I believe some people call this
> phenomenon "A collective consciousness" I've had some
> open source funding Ideas spinning in my head since the
> beginning of May. My Ideas differ from Fredricos in some
> crucial ways. But I believe that they might be connectable.
> in a way that will form a nice symbiosis.

... and leverage the synergy. Or something.

[more spew snipped]

Larry, do you really like the company? Slashdorks and pretentious
self-important wankers speaking PHBese... YMMV, but IMO "prose" above
is every bit as disgusting as usual GPL advocacy. Same depth of
thought and amount of clue behind it, same lack of taste...

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