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SubjectRe: Speaker twiddling [was: Re: Panicking in morse code]
On Sat, Jul 27, 2002 at 02:56:41PM -0400, you [Albert D. Cahalan] wrote:
> Reality?
> There's no "set up a microphone and decoder" problem.
> Most people have a tape recorder. Use that, then play
> back into the PC's sound card after you reboot. Post the
> sound file on a web site.


I don't have a tape recorder, and even if I had that procedure is so tedious
that I'd rather write the oops down with a pen. And I don't use pen
willingly as it is error prone. (I don't even dare to think what Windows
people would say if I actually found a magnetophone and a mic and tried to
sneak into the curiously twittering server room without anyone noticing.)

Let's get real. There's much better solutions already available:
- serial console that has been in kernel for ages
(sneaking into server room with an old laptop and serial cable
at least _looks_ professional)
- kmsgdump from Willy Tarreau that writes the oops to a floppy (even makes
a msdos fs), can use printer and enables pgup/pgdown even after lockup so
that you can see the whole kernel ring buffer (who would ever notice if
you sneak out from the server room with a floppy or a sheet of paper)
- netconsole from Ingo Molnar that logs the oops over udp (you don't even
have to sneak into the server room)

Now, I would assume that most people have a floppy, printer or a network
connection. At least more people than have a tape recorder.

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