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SubjectRe: [PATCH] lock assertion macros for 2.5.28
Jesse Barnes wrote:
> Here's the lastest version of the lockassert patch. It includes:
> o MUST_HOLD for all architectures
> o MUST_HOLD_RW for architectures implementing rwlock_is_locked (only
> ia64 at the moment, as part of this patch)
> o MUST_HOLD_RWSEM for arcitectures that use rwsem-spinlock.h
> o MUST_HOLD_SEM for ia64
> o a call to MUST_HOLD(&inode_lock) in inode.c:__iget().
> I'd be happy to take patches that implement the above routines for
> other architectures and/or patches that sprinkle the macros where
> they're needed.

Well one one place? Every single implementation of the request_fn
method from the request_queue_t needs to hold some
lock associated with the queue in question.

In fact you will find ASSERT_LOCK macros sparnkled through the scsi code
already right now. BTW> ASSERT_HOLDS would sound a bit more
familiar to some of us.

This minor issue asside I think that your idea is a good thing.

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