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SubjectIntel Plumas Chipset and 100Mhz PCI cards
Hello List member

I am using Intel ClearWater SE7500CW2 motherboard
which uses Pentium 4 based Xeon processors.Also the
motherboard has 2 PCI/PCI-X 64 bit 100Mhz slots.I am
trying to use Intel PCI-X Gigabit Card on the
machine.It works fine but when i check the /proc
entry, here is what i find.


escription Intel(R) PRO/1000
Network Connection
Part_Number a50484-006
Driver_Name e1000
Driver_Version 4.3.2
PCI_Vendor 0x8086
PCI_Device_ID 0x1009
PCI_Subsystem_Vendor 0x8086
PCI_Subsystem_ID 0x1109
PCI_Revision_ID 0x02
PCI_Bus 2
PCI_Slot 1
PCI_Bus_Type PCI
PCI_Bus_Speed 66MHz
PCI_Bus_Width 64-bit
IRQ 24
System_Device_Name eth2
Current_HWaddr 00:02:B3:9E:5A:1A
Permanent_HWaddr 00:02:B3:9E:5A:1A

Link up
Speed 1000
Duplex Full
State up

Rx_Packets 0
Tx_Packets 0
Rx_Bytes 0
Tx_Bytes 0
Rx_Errors 0
Tx_Errors 0
Rx_Dropped 0
Tx_Dropped 0
Multicast 0
Collisions 0
Rx_Length_Errors 0
Rx_Over_Errors 0
Rx_CRC_Errors 0
Rx_Frame_Errors 0
Rx_FIFO_Errors 0
Rx_Missed_Errors 0
Tx_Aborted_Errors 0
Tx_Carrier_Errors 0
Tx_FIFO_Errors 0
Tx_Heartbeat_Errors 0
Tx_Window_Errors 0
Tx_Abort_Late_Coll 0
Tx_Deferred_Ok 0
Tx_Single_Coll_Ok 0
Tx_Multi_Coll_Ok 0
Rx_Long_Length_Errors 0
Rx_Short_Length_Errors 0
Rx_Align_Errors 0
Rx_Flow_Control_XON 0
Rx_Flow_Control_XOFF 0
Tx_Flow_Control_XON 0
Tx_Flow_Control_XOFF 0
Rx_CSum_Offload_Good 0
Rx_CSum_Offload_Errors 0

PHY_Media_Type Fiber

The card shows up as 66 Mhz slot even if the PCI slot
is offering 100Mhz speed.Then i checked with the
latest version of the intel e1000 driver.

In one of the files e1000_proc.c this is what i found.

static char *
e1000_proc_bus_speed(void *data, size_t len, char
e1000_bus_speed bus_speed = *(e1000_bus_speed
bus_speed == e1000_bus_speed_33 ?
33MHz" :
bus_speed == e1000_bus_speed_66 ?
"66MHz" :
bus_speed == e1000_bus_speed_100 ?
"100MHz" :
bus_speed == e1000_bus_speed_133 ?
"133MHz" :
return buf;

So i guess this means that the driver does recognise
the bus speed of 100Mhz. I also went and looked into
the data sheet of the PCI hub on the motherboard which
is in the link below:

In page 50, a CNF register is defined which seems to
support configuration ar 100 Mhz or 133 Mhz.

So now i am wondering whether /proc is given me the
wrong information of its a limitation of the kernel
that it cant recognise e1000 driver.Currently i am
using the 2.4.18 kernel and am wondering if this
chipset support is available in linux kernel?

Given the slightest hint i am willing to work on it to
find out the solution; Any help will be greatly
appreciated.Please cc: me the answers /suggestions
since i am not on the list

Thanking all

abhishek Sinha


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